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Traffic Contoller ST-TSC-E100


E 100 is a centralizable traffic controller equipped with an ARM main control chip and embedded with Linux operating system and multi algorithmic models of different signal control modes. Benefits from modular harware design. It’s easy to maintain and extend its functions. Features: 1. Coordinated control network with command center 2. Authomatic fixed times 3. Self-adaptive line and area control 4. Off-line line and area control 5. Wireless coordinate control via optional GPS module 6. Single pint-self-adaptive control 7. Sensing control 8. Traffic data acquisition and analysis 9. Malfunction detection and alarm 10. Yellow flashing and all red modes 11. Over-voltage protection 12. Door-opening alarm 13. Mobile terminal operation (optional mobile phone or pad) 14. BRT control (optional) 15. VIP vehicle priority traffic control 16. Handheld wired/wireless control (optional) 17. Artificial phase stepping control 18. Pedestrian crossing trigger control


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