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Traffic Contoller ST-TSC-SUTP


ST-TSC-SUTP-AC 1 is a traffic signal controller equipped with 32-bit high performance microprocessor for complex calculation and embedded with Linux operating system. It is modular in design, including power supply module, main control module, signal driver module, vehicle detection module, etc. thus easy maintenance and flexible extension. It can be configured to work under different control modes in different intersections according to traffic features. Features: 1. Centralized area coordination control with central software platform 2. Green-wave control (W/O cable) 3. Multi-periods control 4. Single-point adaptive control 5. Single-point actuated control 6. Pedestrian request control 7. Artificial phase stepping control 8. Traffic data acquisition and analysis 9. Malfunction detection and alarm 10. Fault degraded running 11. Over-voltage protection 12. GPS timing


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