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Kerb Stone Paint

Roadex Kerb stone Paint has been specially formulated for concrete surfaces and has proven to be an excellent paint on the exterior. The Alkyd Resin Binder with highly solid contents gives very good adhesion to the concrete surfaces and UV stabilizing pigment gives extra life. And is excellent resistance to water, abrasion, and weather.

Eastern Highway Company is the distributor of Roadex. Roadex has emerged as a leading brand in Road Safety Paints (conforming to International Quality Standards) and is approved by all the local and international consultants working in Pakistan. Roadex has been used on almost all mega projects in Pakistan.

Kerb Stone Paint Specifications


Viscosity Thixotropic easily applied by brush, roller or spray
Binder Type Modified Alkyd Resin
Pigment Weather-resisting pigments & pigments extenders
Colors White, Yellow, Red, Black
Application Brush, Roller or Spray
Spreading Rate 9 to 11 sqm/liter per coat at 50 Micron DFT
Dry Time a) Surface Dry: within 120 minutes
b) Hard Dry: 6 Hour
No. of coats 2 – 3 coats


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