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Eastern Highway Completed Projects

SR #Name of Project/ LocationClientScope of Work
1KPRRP Package Sargodha DivisionProvincial Highway Division SargodhaThermoplastic Road Marking
2Additional Signage Work and Fixing of Convex Mirror at Underpass 2 & 3 at IIAP Islamabad (2019)Civil Aviation Authority IslamabadAdditional Signages Work And Fixing Of Convex Mirror / Cateyes & Rubber Speed Breaker
3KPRRP Package Lahore DivisionALDO InternationalThermoplastic Road Marking
4Thermoplastic Road Marking (KPRRP Package Sahiwal Division)Wahab ContractorThermoplastic Road Marking
5Traffic Signs Board/ Safety Products Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore (2016)CAATraffic Signs Board/ Safety Products
6Thermoplastic Road Marking/ Traffic Safety Products Islamabad Expressway Signal Free CorridorCDA ProjectThermoplastic Road Marking/ Traffic Safety Products
7KPRRP Package Rawalpindi DivisionIKAN EngineeringThermoplastic Road Marking
8Traffic Safety Works / Traffic Signs Motorway (M-2)Frontier Works Organization (FWO )Traffic Safety Works / Traffic Signs / Crash Cushion Barriers
9Thermoplastic Road Marking (KKH Besham)China Railway/NHAThermoplastic Road Marking
10Thermoplastic Road Marking (M-1)National Highway Authority (NHA)Thermoplastic Road Marking
11Lane Marking / Sign Boards (Babe Peshawar Flyover)National Logistic Cell (NLC) PeshawarLane Marking / Sign Boards
12Road Marking / Traffic Signs (Khairabad To Noshera)National Highway Authority (NHA)Road Marking / Traffic Signs
13Traffic Signs / Studs /Allied worksRawalpindi Development Authority (RDA)Traffic Signs / Studs
14Work Zone Sign Board Metro Bus Project Rawalpindi/IslamabadRawalpindi Development Authority (RDA)Work Zone Sign Board
15Bharakhau Murree RoadKarcon (Pvt) LtdTraffic Signs / Cateyes / Unipoles
16Mall Road, CMH Road, Def RoadCantt Board KharianRoad Marking / Traffic Signs / Cateyes
17VIP Road / Museum RoadCantt Board TaxilaLane Marking / Traffic Signs / Cateyes
18Hyundai Construction CompanyHyundai (Pvt) LtdLane Marking  / Traffic Signs
19Road Marking / Traffic Signs (Karachi To Hub Chowky)National Highway Auth.Road Marking / Traffic Signs
20Lahore-outfall RoadLDARoad Marking / Traffic Signs / Cateyes
21Sports Complex IslamabadHakas Pvt. Ltd.Traffic Signs / Cateyes
22Traffic Safety Works / Traffic Signs Abbottabad-Murree RoadFWOTraffic Safety Works / Traffic Signs
23Cantt Board KohatCantt Board KohatLane Marking / Cateyes / Traffic Signs
24Road Marking  / Cateyes (Sorab Khuzdar Road)NHARoad Marking  / Cateyes
25Attock Oil  RefineryAttock Oil  RwpTraffic Signals & Cateyes
26Mall Road / Airport Road / VVIP RoadRawalpindi Cantt BoardRoad Marking  / Traffic Signs / Cateyes
27Shahrai-e-Quaid AzamKharian Cantt BoardTraffic Signs / Cateyes
28Transit Camp RoadRawalpindi Cantt BoardRoad Marking / Cateyes
29Islamabad to MurreePunjab HighwaysConvex Mirror & Sign Boards
30Islamabad to MurreePunjab HighwaysInstallation of Chevron / Cateyes
31Lahore-Islamabad MotorwayNHATraffic Signs
32POF Havelian Km:51-54 on N-35 (NWFP)NHATraffic Signs
33Lahore to OkaraNHATraffic Signs
34Lahore International AirportJ & P (Pvt) LtdReflective sheets / Reflectors / Road Marking
35Murree Road-Rawal Road RwpRDARoad Marking & Sign Boards
36ICRC of SwitzerlandICRC (Peshawar)Traffic Safety Products
37Murree Road RawalpindiRDARoad Marking / Sign Boards
38Kohat Cantt BoardKCBRoad Marking / Traffic Signs / Cateyes
39Rawalpindi To AttockNHAPavement Marking / Cateyes
40Attock To NowsheraNHAPavement Marking / Cateyes
41Mangla Cantt BoardMCBTraffic Signs / Cateyes
42GT Road (N-5)NLC Cateyes
43Sargodha AirbasePAFCateyes / Traffic Signs
44Chaklala AirbasePAFConvex Mirror / Cateyes
45Dadu Air FieldDescon (Pvt) LtdRunway Marking / Cateyes
46Bansara Gali To Jhika Gali Murree RoadFWO/PHTP/F Sign Board, Road Marking & painting
479x Road TMA MurreeFWO/PHTP/F Sign Board, Road Marking & painting
48RMK Road (17 Miles to Bansara Gali)FWO/PHTP/F Sign Board, Road Marking & painting
49hika Gali to Lower Topa road MureeFWO/PHTP/F Sign Board, Road Marking & painting
50Chandni Chowk Flayover RWPC&W DepartmentTraffic safety Works
51Murree Kohala RoadC&W DepartmentTraffic safety Works
52Shikupura Gujranwala RoadC&W DepartmentTraffic safety Works
53Khyber Road to Bagh-e-Naran RoadPDARoad Marking & Cat Eyes
54Fifth Road RawalpindiRDARoad Marking & Cat Eyes
55DHA Valley IslamabadDHA Traffic Safety Works
56Bahria Enclave IslamabadBahria TownTraffic Safety Works
57Motorway (M1)NHA Traffic sign Boards
58Double Pathak Multan FlyoverNHA Traffic safety Works
59Rashid minhas road RawalpindiRDA Traffic safety Works
60Thokar Niaz Baig to Bahria TownHabib Construction Road Marking & Cat Eyes
61Metro Bus Shahdra to Dta DarbarMAAKSON Road Marking & Cat Eyes
62Kach Jail Road LahoreKhalid Rauf & Co. Road Marking & Cat Eyes
63Flyover at 6th Road, RWPC & W, RawalpindiTP Road Marking, Sign Boards, Cateye
64Flyover and underpass at IJP Peshawar Road, RWPC & W, RawalpindiTP Road Marking, Sign Boards, Cateye
65DHA Phase 1, 2, 4, 5 IslamabadDHA, Islamabad Traffic safety Works
66Construction Balakot to NaranFWOTP Road Marking
67Citi Housing, GujranwalaIti Housing, GujranwalaTP Road Marking, Sign Board, Cateye
68Uthal BelaSKBTraffic Safety Works / Traffic Signs / Gantries
69Gujranwala By PassC & WTP Road Marking, Cateye
70D.I.Khan to sarai GambellaNHARoad Marking, Sign Board, Cateye
71Peshawar FWO (Khyber Road)FWOGantry / Traffic Signs / Cateyes
72Al-Mansoor (GT Road) NHA Gantry / Street Lights
73Hassan Abdal City NHA Thermoplastic & Curb-Stone Painting
74Malir Cantt KarachiMCKRoad Marking & Cateyes
75Haji Shah More (GT Road) NHA Gantry Signs
76TaxilaPMOWater Supply & Civil Works
77GOP II (Indus Highway)Husnain Const. Co.Traffic Signs / Road Marking
78Rawalpindi Cantt BoardRCBRoad Marking / Traffic Signs / Cateyes
79Motorway (M-2)NH & MPTraffic Signs & Road Safety Products
80Taxila HaripurFWORoad Marking / Traffic Signs / Cateyes / Civil Works
81Karakoram Highway (KKH)FWOTraffic Signs / Cateyes
82Rawalpindi-Nowshera (N-5)NHATraffic Signs
83Kharian-Rawalpindi Section(N-5)NHATraffic Signs / Cateyes / Gantry Signs
84Mullan Mansoor Weigh Station (N-5)NHARoad Marking / Gantry Sign
85Rawalpindi Cantt BoardRCB Traffic Signs / Cateyes
86National Highway & Motorway Police (NH&MP)PMPTraffic Safety Salogans (Islamabad-Lahore M-2)
87Rawalpindi Kharian (N-5) NHA Road Safety Devices / Civil Works
88Hala Moro ProjectEcho West Intl (Pvt) LtdTraffic Signs
89Pakistan Motorway & Highway PolicePMPTraffic Safety Salogans (Islamabad-Lahore M-2)
90Rawalpindi-Khairabad (N-5)NHA Traffic Signs
91Hala Moro Project Echo West Intl (Pvt) Ltd Traffic Signs
92NHA Toll Plaza (N-5)NLCTraffic Signs / Cateyes
93Motorway Interchanges (M-2)NHAInformatory Signs / Cateyes
94Kharian Cantt BoardCBKTraffic Signs / Road Marking
95Motorway Salt Range (M-2)NHAChervon / Informatory Signs
96Taxila HaripurFWORoad Marking / Traffic Signs / Cateyes / Civil Works
97NHA Toll Plaza (N-5)NLCTraffic Signs / Cateyes
98Rawalpindi To RawatNHATP Road Marking
99Motorway (M-2)NHA (M-2)Traffic Signs / Informatory Signboards
100Kharian Cantt Board CBK Informatory Signs / Cateyes / Road Marking
101National Highway Authority MultanNHAProviding and Fixing of Cateyes
102FWO IslamabadFWORoad Marking / Sign Boards / Cateyes
103Cantonment Board MultanCBMTraffic Signs
104Hala Moro ProjectEcho West Intl (Pvt) LtdTraffic Signs
105NHA Toll Plaza (N-5)NLCTraffic Signs / Cateyes
106Motorway Interchanges (M-2)NHAInformatory Signs / Cateyes
107Kharian Cantt BoardCBKTraffic Signs / Road Marking
108Motorway Salt Range (M-2)NHAChervon / Informatory Signs
109Taxila / HaripurFWORoad Marking / Traffic Signs / Cateyes / Civil Works
110NHA Toll Plaza (N-5)NLCTraffic Signs / Cateyes
111Rawalpindi To Rawat NHA TP Road Marking
112Faizabad to Zero Point IslamabadFWORoad Marking / Signboards
113Park Road IslamabadFWORoad Marking / Signboards
114Margalla Road IslamabadFWORoad Marking / Signboards
115DHA LahoreDHA LahoreTraffic Safety Works
116Haji Shah Road, AttockPunjab Highways Cateyes
117Sector F-10, IslamabadFWORoad Marking / Traffic Signs / Cateyes / Civil Works
118Mangla Cantt BoardMCBTraffic Signs
119DHA KarachiDHA KarachiTraffic Safety Works
120I J Principal RoadFWORoad Marking / Signboards
121Zhob Cantt Area, ZhobCantt Board Zhob Signboards
122Clifton Cantt Area, KarachiCBCTraffic Signs / Info Signs / Cateyes
123Faisal Cantt Area, KarachiCantt Board FaisalTraffic Signs / Info Signs / Directional Signs
124Fatehjang to Dullian RoadPunjab HighwaysInformatory Signs
126Punjab Road Development Sector, Toba Tek SinghCWETraffic Signs Boards
127Islamabad Highway Express (Faizabad to Koral Chowk)Maaksons / CDARoad Marking / Cateyes
128Airport Road RwpFWO/RDARoad Marking / Cateyes / Signboard
129Jampur D.G. KhanNHA / HCCLTP Road Marking / Cateyes / signboard
130Jail Road RwpNHA / NLCTP Road Marking / Cateyes / signboard
131Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam RwpNHA / NLCTP Road Marking / Cateyes / signboard
132Islamabad Express WayCDA / MaaksonTP Road Marking / CR Road Marking
133Kasur-Depalpur ProjectCommunication & Works Deparment  PunjabTraffic Sign Boards
134Bahria Town, Rawalpindi Phase 1 to 8Bahria Town RawalpindiTraffic Safety Works
135Muzafarabad City-West Bank RoadFWORoad Marking, Signboard, Guardrail
136New Islamabad Airport & Airport Link RoadFWORoad Marking, Signboard, Cateyes
137Murree Express WayNHARoad Marking, Gantry Signs
138Bosan Road Multan FWO Road Marking / Cateyes / Signboard
139Muzzffarabad to Chakhoti FWO Gantry Sign & Chevrons
140Qasim BaseFWOTP Ranway Marking
141Ghuldana-BarianC&WRoad Marking
142DHA World Trade CenterAl-Ghurair GigaRoad Marking / Cateyes / Column Guards
143Beaconhouse School SystemBSSTraffic Safety Works
144Pirwadhai Flyover & UnderpassHabib Construction Co.Road Marking / Cateyes / Signboards
145Northern Bypass PeshawarNHA/NICTraffic Safety Works
146Sialkot to WazirabadC&W/FWOTraffic Safety Works
147Fatima Fertilizer Company Raheemyar KhanFatima Fertilizer CompanyTraffic Signs Board
148Motorway M4 Faisalabad to KhanewalNHA/CWERoad Furniture
149Motorway M2 Islamabad to LahoreNHATraffic Signs Board
150Chaklala Cantt BoardCCBTraffic Signs Board
151Halla to HaiderabadNational Highway Authority(NHA)Road Marking / Cateyes
152Rawal Road RawalpindiRawalpindi Development AuthorityRoad Marking / Cateyes & Gantry Sign
153Motorway (M-2)Daewoo (Pak) LtdTraffic Safety Product / Traffic Signs / Lane Marking
154Air Headquarters IslamabadPAFTraffic Safety Works
155GT Road Rawat to GujarkhanNHAThermoplastic Road Marking
156Chakwal to MianwaliC&WThermoplastic Road Marking
157Karakoram Highway ProjectNHA/CRBCThermoplastic Road Marking
158PAF Nur Khan AirbasePAFTraffic Safety Works
159Pavement Lane MarkingNHA (M1)Pavement Lane Marking In TP Paint
160Special Repair WorksHighway Division MurreeSpecial Repair Works Rawalpindi to Kashmir Road km 27.63 to 63.00 Pavement Marking with TP
161Provision of Lane Marking etcHQ NLC KPK (Rawalpindi)Provision of Lane Marking & Cateyes on Lateral Roads Hayatabad Peshawar
162Motorway Traffic Safety ProjectsNH & MPTraffic Safety Sign Boards (Lahore to Rahimyar Khan)
163Kalkarkahar Motorway-2NHAChlorinated Rubber Paint Road Marking
164Sign Boards for Alghurair GigaAlghurair GigaTraffic Safety & Information Signs Board
165Traffic Signs for Grand City KharianGrand City Information Signs
166University Directional BoardsWomen University of Azad Jammu&Kashmir, BaghInformation / Directional Sign Boards
167NHA GT RoadNHAThermoplastic Road Marking
168KKH DasuFWOThermoplastic Road Marking
169Gulberg Underpass, IslamabadMaaksonsThermoplastic Road Marking / Road Studs / Traffic Sign Boards
170PMA KakulPMAThermoplastic Road Marking / Road Studs
171Road Safety Products MultanKRC MultanHydraulic Road Blocker
172 Metro Multan Bus Services package-3CRFG-HRL-Matracon Joint VentureRoad Marking & Sign Boards
173PAF ShorkotPAFTraffic Safety Works
174Panoaqil Cantt Sign BoardsPanoaqilInformation Signs
175 Road Traffic Safety WorksThe Urban Unit LahoreInstallation of Signs and Signboards
176 Islamabad – Muzaffarabad – Dual – Carriageway ProjectNHA MuzaffarabadHighway Safety Works
177 PAF Bulhari HyderabadPAFAirfield Signage & Road Signage
178 Lane Marking / Road Studs / Sign BoardsCapital Development Authority (CDA)Lane Marking / Road Studs / Sign Boards
179 Runway Marking / Sign BoardsArif & CO. (New Airport International Islamabad)Runway Marking / Sign Boards
180 Communication & Works Department PunjabHighway Division MurreeRehabilitation of Road from Lower Topa to Gulehara Gali to Patriata Top Km 10 Land Marking Thermoplastic Paint
181 Communication & Works Department PunjabHighway Division MurreeSpecial Repair to (1) Murree City Roads (11 No.Roads) (2) Kuldana Barrian Road (3) Pavement Marking with TP Paint etc
182Communication & Works Department PunjabHighway Division MurreeTraffic Safety Sign Boards / Gantry etc
183PAF JacoabadPAFSignboards
184CDA IslamabadCDALane Marking/Road Studs & Sign Boards
185Mandra Chakwal RoadC&WRoad Marking, Signboards & Cateyes
186Multan Sukkur Motorway PKM Sec 2, 3 & 7 CPECNHATP & Convex Road Marking, Anti Glare Shields, Delineators, Signboards, Cateyes
187Hazara Motorway (Havelian – Thakot) CPECNHATP & Convex Road Marking, Anti Glare Shield, Delineators, Signboards, Cateyes, Crash Cushion Barriers
188Islamabad Murree Dual Carriageway (IMDC)NHATP Road Marking, Cateyes, Signboards, Kerbstone Marking
189RMKHabib (C&W)TP Marking/Sign Board RMK
190FaisalabadNLCTP Marking/Sign Board
191M-1 NHANHAHighway Safety Works (Uplifting of Motorway from Km 350+000 ~ Km 415+000 (North Bound) on Motorway M-1
192M-1 NHANHAHighway Safety Works (Uplifting of Motorway from Km 505+000 ~ Km 465+000 (South Bound) on Motorway M-1
193M-1 NHANHAHighwa Safety Works (Uplifting of Motorway from Km
415+000 ~ Km 350+000 (South Bound) on Motorway M-1
194FGEH Design & Construction of Prefabricated Inquiry OfficeFederal Govt Emp Housing Auth
Design & Construction of Prefabricated Inquiry Office to various Location in Sector G-13 , Islamabad
195Punjar To kahutaNLCRehabiltation of Panjar to Kahuta Road Project
196Sohawa to ChakwalC&WRehabiltation of Road from Sohawa to Chakwal Project
197FaisalabadRehabilitation of Road (M-3 Industrial City) at Faisalabad
198Mohmand AgencyFWOProvision/Installation of Sign Board & Road Marking for GMG Road Project Mohmand FWO
199KKH Road Marking & Signage WorksNHARoad Marking & Signage Works at KKH Section 1, II , III,IV & V
200Lahore Sialkot MotorwayNHARoad Marking, Signage, Cateyes
201Swat MotorwayNHATP Road Marking & Signage
202Dera Ismail (DI) Khan Motorway Western Route CPECNHATP Road Marking, Signage, Cateyes, Reflectors, Anti Glare Shield
203Nawaz Sharif Park RWPTP Marking
204Gulberg GreensGulberg GreensTraffic Safety Works
205CMH Javed Ali & CoTP Marking & Cateyes
206Simly DamATS CR Marking & Signboards
207Fatehjang Kohat RoadTaimoor ShahTP Marking
208University of Swabi University of
TP Marking, Sign Boards & Cateyes
209Capital Smart City Lahore/IslamabadCSCTP Marking, Signboards, Cateyes
210Faisal HillsFaisal Town IslamabadTraffic Safety Works
211Anti Glare Shield at NHA M-4 NHA Anti Glare Shield
212Kohistan EnclaveKohistan EnclaveTraffic Safety Works
213Highway Safety Works , Pavement Marking & Signage at NHA Betkhela SBC)NHA BetkhelaHighway Safety Works , Pavement Marking & Signage
214Ring Road LahoreNLCTP Marking & Road Studs
215PAF Mianwali/PAF Sargodha/PAF MuridPAFTraffic Safety Works
216Lower Tunnel ProjectNHATP Road Marking, Signage, Cateyes, Guard Rail
217Othal Bella to Qalat NHATP Road Marking, Signage, Cateyes, Guard Rail
218Torkham JamrodFWOTP Road Marking, Road Studs, Signage
219Shakarparian IslamabadJamal Cab DivisionTP & CR Road Marking
220Chaklala GarrisonRaja Zain Traffic Safety Works
221Srinagar Highway U TurnsArif & CoTP Road Marking, Cateyes, Crash Cushion Barriers
222N-5 PeshawarDiligent Planner & DeveloperTP Road Marking & Cateyes
223M-4 FaisalabadNHATP Convex (Vibration Marking), TP Road Marking & Signage
224NOVA City PeshawarMAAKSONSTraffic Safety Works
225HMT TaxilaHMTTP Road Marking
226DCI IslamabadAM AssociatesTP & CR Road Marking
227GT Road Samma to Gujrat Dinga RoadNLCTraffic Safety Works
228Underpass Across Bedian Road Connecting Phase VI with Phase IX DHA LahoreNLCTP Road Marking, Cateyes, Signboards, Delineators
229Metro Corridor from N-5 to M-1/M-2 InterchangeFWOTP Road Marking, Cateyes, Delineators, Anti Glare Shield
230Havelian to Dhamtour BypassFWOTP Road Marking, Cateyes, Signage, Speed Bumps & Delineators
231Jaglot Skardu RoadFWOCateyes & Signboards
232Metro IslamabadMatracon & NLCTP Road Marking, Cateyes, Signboards, Kerbstone Marking, Crash Cushion Barriers, Anti Skid Coating
233Murree CanttC&WTP Road Marking, Cateyes & Signage
234Karak N-55NHATP Road Marking, Cateyes, Metal Guard Rail, Signboards
235National Park RwpNLCTP Road Marking & Cateyes
236NLC HQNLCTraffic Safety Works
237Transformer Chk to Kuri Road RwpSaghir MehrTP Road Marking & Cateyes
238Bani GalaZS Construction Co.CR Road Marking & Cateyes
239Mall of IslamabadMall of IslamabadTraffic Safety Works
240Murree Toll Plaza to Lower TopaNawaz & Co.TP Convex (Vibration Marking)
241IMARAT IslamabadIMARATTraffic Safety Works
242White Citi PasrurWhite CitiTraffic Safety Works
243Gujar Ghari to Takhtbhai N-45NHATP Road Marking
244Sindh Engro Coal Mining CompanySECMCSignboards
245E-35 ExpresswayNHATP Convex (Vibration) Marking, Signboards
246Wah CanttWah CanttTraffic Safety Works
247Akhagram to Upper Dir PanakotNHATP Road Marking, Cateyes, Guard Rail
248Golf Club Road, IslamabadTP Road Marking
249E-18 IslamabadTraffic Safety Works
250NUST H-12 IslamabadNUSTTraffic Safety Works
251Hazara Motorway (M-15)NHATP Convex (Vibration Marking)
252Khushal Garh to Kohat RoadNHATP Road Marking, Signboards, Metal Guard Rail, Cateyes, Delineators
253Naltar to Gilgit RoadNLCTP Road Marking, Cateyes
254Sohawa to Wazirabad N-5NHATP Road Marking & Signboards
255Taxila CanttTaxila CanttCR Road Marking & Steel Pipe Guards
256World Health Organisation (WHO) IslamabadWHOTraffic Safety Works
257Chenab Orchard, GujratChenab OrchardTraffic Safety Works
258Dasu Hydropower ProjectTP Road Marking & Cateyes
259Jinnah Garden Phase 1 IslamabadJinnah GardenTP Road Marking & Cateyes
260Korang Town, IslamabadKorang TownTP Road Marking & Cateyes
261Al Shifa Trust Eye Hospital RwpShifaTP Road Marking
262Shifa International IslamabadShifaTraffic Safety Works
263Canal Road, FaisalabadNLCTP Road Marking, Cateyes, Cantilever Signboards
264Jarrar Camp, Adyala Road RwpJarrar CampTP Road Marking
265Islamabad ClubIslamabad ClubTP Road Marking, Cateyes, Signboards, Delineators, Convex Mirrors
266Sahiwal to Lahore (N-5)NHATP Road Marking, Cateyes, Signboards
267Abdul Hakeem to Lahore MotorwayNHATP Convex (Vibration Marking), Signboards
268Shalimar Town IslamabadShalimar TownTraffic Safety Works
269Kohala BridgeNHATraffic Signs
270Mansehra Service AreaTraffic Safety Works
271Islamabad Sports ComplexIslamabad Sports ComplexTraffic Safety Works
272Burger King, Bahria Town IslamabadBurger KingTraffic Safety Works
273McDonalds, Bahria Town IslamabadMcDonaldsTraffic Safety Works
274Mangla CanttMangla CanttTraffic Signboards
275IJP RoadNLCTraffic Safety Works
2767th Avenue IslamabadNLCTraffic Safety Works
277CDA Underpass G-7 & G-8HCSTraffic Safety Works
278Lake City LahoreLake CityTraffic Safety Works
279Peshawar Metro BusMetro BusTraffic Safety Works
280Westminster School RwpWestminsterPaint Coating on Basketball Courts
281Nahqi TunnelFWOTraffic Signboards
282Park View CityPark View CityTraffic Safety Works
283Military HospitalMHIndoor & Outdoor Signage
284PAF KamraPAFSignage
285Taj ResidenciaTaj ResidenciaSignboards & Kerbstone Marking
286Lahore – Karachi MotorwayNHATP Road Marking, Signboards, Cateyes
287Ayub Park RwpAyub ParkTraffic Safety Works
288Metro LahoreMetroTraffic Safety Works
289Metro MultanMetroTraffic Safety Works
290Fazaia Housing SchemeFazaiaTraffic Safety Works
291Sukh Chayn Sukh ChaynSignboards
292Parliament HouseTP Road Marking
293BNP TowerBNPHydraulic Road Blockers, E-TAG Systems & Safety Works
294Special Repair to Rawalpindi Murree Kashmir Road Km 29-63 Jhika Gali Barrier RoadPunjab Highway (Sub Division Murree)High Friction Coloured Surfacing Antiskid System
295Quetta FWOSignboards
296Hayatabad PeshawarTP Road Marking
297RazmakFWOTP Road Marking, Cateyes & Signage
298Kahuta RoadNLC CR Marking / Studs & Sign Boards
299RawalakotZK & Associates Sign Boards / Gantry / Convex Mirror & Cateyes