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It is indeed a great privilege to introduce you to a renowned Traffic Engineering, Traffic Safety Products and Services Company, who are providing a complete solution to your traffic safety needs. Eastern Highway Company is an authorized converter of 3M USA (world’s leading manufacturer of traffic safety products) who imparts regular training to our company and has enabled us to deal with planning, designing and manufacturing of state-of-the-art Road/Traffic Signs and Products of all types, designs & sizes.

Eastern Highway Company is a ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company by ALCUMUS ISOQAR accredited by UKAS, the UK’s national accreditation body. The production and quality control departments are fully equipped with experts and qualified professionals, manufacturing procedures are carried out in strict conformance of ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) standards. This achieves our total commitment to Quality Policy.

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Eastern Highway Company is registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), National Highway Authority (NHA) and is a member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We have the largest fleet of latest road marking machines and equipment to ensure International Quality Standards and to efficiently meet every client’s requirement. We have state-of-the-art manufacturing and designing machines to comply with International standards and to provide best quality products. We are manufacturing a range of traffic safety products under the brand name of Eastern Traffic Engineering Products (ETEP). The company is known throughout Pakistan and in International markets such as America, Canada, Europe, Africa, Central Asia and Afghanistan for its Fine Quality Products and Services.

Eastern Highway Company is the distributor of Roadex. Roadex has emerged as a leading brand in Road Safety Paints (conforming to International Quality Standards) and is approved by all the local and international consultants working in Pakistan. Roadex has been used on almost all the mega projects of Pakistan, such as, on all the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Projects and on all National Highways and Motorways. We are honored to have completed numerous mega Road Safety Projects of National Highway Authority (NHA), China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Provincial Highway Department, National Highway & Motorrway Police (NH&MP), Frontier Works Organization (FWO), National Logistics Cell (NLC), Cantonment Boards and Housing Socieities all over Pakistan.

We look forward to an opportunity to work with you with the commitment of excellence.

Our Brands


ELITE is the most popular brand in Pakistan that makes Plastic cateyes and road studs. It is one of the top brands owned by Eastern Highway Company. The company can create customized designs to meet customer needs. In terms of traffic and road safety, we can also use a plastic cat-eye road stud to mark lanes. Plastic reflective road studs, called “Cateyes,” are important road safety devices. They can make the road more visible by reflecting car headlights to show the way in low light, or they can be used in groups to slow down traffic. These make it easier for the driver to see at night, especially when there is fog or rain. The raised pavement markers and plastic road studs make traffic much safer. “ELITE” makes plastic cat eyes for Pakistani roads that have built-in reflectors (lenses) that can be raised above the road surface or grooved into a recess on the road and highway etc.

Eastern Traffic Engineering Products (ETEP)

ETEP is the leading independent brand in Pakistan founded under the umbrella of Eastern Highway Company. ETEP includes road marking machines, traffic safety products, traffic signboards other traffic engineering products that are used all around the world for laying markings on road. We are proud of having thousands of happy clients and their feedback on how well our road marking machines work.  We have been doing road markings for decades and always use the latest tools and methods. We are proud of all of our products and their work. We always ensure our road markings and signs are done to the highest standards and meet any special requirements.




Victor is the leading brand in supplying Cones. They are known for producing high quality traffic safety cones and delineator posts. Both of these products play a crucial role in road safety. Thereby, Eastern Highway Company  had to rely on the most reliable option. Victor offers quality with affordability and thus is our selected Cones and delineator post brand. 

This has allowed us to render satisfied clients around the globe. We offer quality, tested Cones and delineator posts to make roads and traffic-vulnerable places safer. 

Traffic safety cones and delinator posts,  produced by Victor are bright orange in color to improve their visibility. They also come with reflective shields to make them visible at night. We ensure high traffic safety and rely on most efficient and trusted suppliers! 


Disrtibutor of Roadex Brand

Roadex got high-tech grinding machines from Germany to make and process minerals like Roadex Calcium Carbonate Powder for Paint, Roadex Fine Talcum Powder, and Roadex Chalk Powder Formula. The high quality of Roadex Minerals has made it popular all over Pakistan and in global markets. Eastern Highway is the leading company supplying and using Roadex products in Pakistan and all around the world. Roadex paint has been used on most of Pakistan’s major road projects. It is the first choice of Highway Authorities and Road Contractors because it lasts for 12 years and works in any weather. Roadex Paints is the first company in Pakistan to offer a wide range of thermoplastic paint colors, such as yellow, white, light blue, ocean green, dark green, red, black, and royal blue. The first company in Pakistan to make Thermoplastic Convex Marking Paint.