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Mine safety signs

Mine safety signs are integral to every aspect of your Mining Operation to keep your employees safe on the job and to reduce the risks of safety hazards. Visual communication is an essential part of your safety program utilizing safety signs and decals to provide direction, and location of safety equipment, and warn of dangers and hazards. Mining signs increase safety awareness and keep operations in the mine running smoothly without harm or danger.

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Mine safety signs are integral to every aspect of your Mining Operation to keep your employees safe on the job and to reduce the risks of safety hazards.

Safety identification and custom mining signs are used across the industry to keep workers and site visitors alike safe and informed. Sturdy materials, clear text, and bold coloring are especially important in locations such as mines and tunnels where lighting, dust, or equipment may obscure important warning signs.

A-frame signs and wall signs warn of hazardous mine openings and mine shafts and help keep trespassers out. A-frame signs can be put up and taken down as needed, while wall signs can be permanently mounted anywhere. With durable material that lasts both indoors and outdoors, construction signs are an essential aspect of visual communication and safety enforcement in the mining industry. Need custom mine signage? We’re happy to help design mine safety signs that fit all your needs, call us now!

What mine signs do you need for your workplace?

As every work site is different, it can sometimes be a challenge to know what signs are required for both legal purposes and the safety of your team. With this in mind, we’ve put together a helpful checklist to help determine what kind of signs are needed on-site:

  • If your mine site has risks that could lead to life-threatening incidents, you need to install danger signs and/or warning and hazard signs
  • If there are certain actions and activities that are forbidden by law on-site, you need prohibition and/or mandatory signs
  • If your mine site is prone to or at risk of an emergency situation, you need emergency information signs to indicate muster points and emergency facilities like eye wash stations and shower stations
  • If you have vehicle operating in the area, you need traffic signs to direct traffic and highlight pedestrian exclusion zones
We offer reflective tape for all purposes

Alongside our mine safety signs, we also offer highly reflective tape to draw attention and warn workers of potential hazards. Available in a wide range of recognizable colors, our Class 1 reflective tape has a multitude of purposes – attract the eye to potentially hazardous situations or machinery, guide vehicles in dark areas, and identify light vehicles, trucks, and forklifts. Our reflective tape is a diamond grade or high-intensity prismatic with a strong adhesive, so we guarantee it will last without peeling, fading, or getting damaged.


Size/Design According to customer requirement
Sign Panels Material Aluminum Sheet, Galvanized MS Sheet, MS Sheet, Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP), Acrylic Sheet, PVC Sheet
Reflective Sheeting Engineering Grade, High-Intensity Prismatic, Diamond Grade, Vinyl



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