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ETEP Plastic Safety Barriers (Type 2)

These plastic safety barriers are becoming a key part of workplace safety. We use them in so many ways to restrict access to potentially dangerous environments for pedestrians. At events and construction sites you can also use barriers to prevent cars and other vehicles from driving into off-limits areas.

When buying from Eastern Highway Company there is a huge range of safety barriers to select from, expanding, water-filled, metal, and plastic to name just a few. One thing they all have in common is that they improve safety and are in stock ready to ship at great prices.

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Brand: ETEP 

If you are looking for a barrier to control pedestrians/vehicles around roadworks or construction works or for cordoning off a specific area, then you will likely be looking for something like this Barrier. These Plastic safety barriers have high visibility branding and vibrant coloring. Whether water/sand filled or self-weighted these barriers are ideal for keeping cars away from people. They are simple to use and light when empty, but solid and immobile when filled.

Water-filled barriers are becoming a very popular road work barrier and a way of delineating traffic around work sites. Compared to concrete units that are heavy, water barriers are only heavy when filled.

They are a cost-effective solution as they are easier to transport and also faster to deploy than concrete. This is because a single worker can lift them when empty and then filled once in position. They interlock to create an unbroken chain, ideal for guiding traffic through diversions and contraflows.

The Best Equipment For Traffic Barricades

Eastern Highway Company is the industry leader for all your transportation and construction equipment needs. We provide a full line of unique, durable plastic traffic barriers that are ideal for different applications. Whatever your application, we are known as the best provider of traffic barriers to satisfying construction zone safety needs. Traffic barriers are a sort of barricade that can be fitted with flashing lights and used to block traffic flow or for other security-related or traffic safety functions.
Our traffic barricades are trusted by thousands of customers across Pakistan and they have been used in a variety of situations and circumstances, including:

– Hotels and resorts.

– Gas stations and other service stations.

– Shopping malls and department stores

– School parking lots.

– Parking garage and other allied commercial locations.

– Construction and roadwork zones.

Plastic Safety Barriers Made For The Rugged Construction Environment

The impact of development zone collisions reaches beyond material loss. Accidents in work zones are usually deadly and can impact not just the drivers, but also the safety of work crews in the construction zones. We designed these barriers to help mitigate risks to pedestrians, work crews, and motorists. No only do these traffic barricades improve visibility; they also help direct oncoming traffic This helps you ensure the safety of your work area, and improve the wellbeing of everyone in your surrounding area.

Our high-quality traffic barricades meet and exceed all requirements for use in high-speed construction zones. We designed these traffic barriers for not only safety but also the convenience of your crews. We did this by developing lightweight and strong options to conventional materials like concrete traffic barriers. Concrete obstacles, while popular, are frequently not needed and will contribute to fatal accidents by causing harm to drivers and their vehicles. Traffic cones and drums are also attractive, but often these traffic devices are not capable in some situations that might not accomplish the specific needs of a construction zone.


Size 37″ x 16″ x 26″
Material Plastic
Feature Reflective Stickers
Color Orange, Red or Customized



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