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Road Marking Paint removal

Eastern Highway offers professional Road marking paint removal services at great prices! If you are looking for such a company, then we are here to help you.

While road markings must be durable and long-lasting, removal can be difficult if you discover that the traffic patterns need to be changed or that general wear and tear necessitates the replacement of the lining.


Surface Preservation and Road Marking Paint Removal

Road markings are intended to last a long time but must occasionally be removed. For example, when a traffic situation changes, an area is redesigned, or waste/broken marking lines must be removed before You can mark new ones. The person who has to remove these Road marking Paints should know how to safely remove road markings.

Eastern Highway Company employs specialized technology like road marking Paint removal machines to remove line markings with pinpoint accuracy. As a result, no damage is done to the existing road surface, and traffic disruption is kept to a minimum.

Whether we’re removing road lines, car park bays, airfield markings, or racing circuit paint, our priority is to preserve the surface beneath the paint while achieving the cleanest possible result.

There are several techniques for removing paint, but ultra-high pressure (UHP) water blasting is the most effective and efficient in terms of time and cost.

One of the primary advantages of using hydro blasting to remove paint and rubber is that no harsh chemicals are used, which could damage the asphalt. It is also a more environmentally friendly option.


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How do you remove thermoplastic pavement markings?
Use water blasting, grinding, sandblasting, or any other method approved by the Engineer to get rid of any pavement markings that are already there. Don't use chemicals if you want to get rid of thermoplastic pavement markings. Provide effective ways to keep dust and debris from building up from the removal work.
Does line marking paint come off?
There are many ways to eliminate unwanted or unnecessary lines, such as painting over them, pressure washing, sand or shot blasting, or grinding the surface.
How do you remove parking line paint?
  1. Use a wire brush first. Everyone has a wire brush in their bag.
  2. Make marks on the ground. It's pronounced "scare," but think of it as "scar," because that's what you're going to do: scar the pavement by scratching it!
  3. Clean up the trash.
  4. Use a shotgun.
What are the acceptable methods of pavement marking removal?
Use water blasting, grinding, sandblasting, or any other method approved by the Engineer to get rid of any pavement markings that are already there. Do not use chemicals to eliminate thermoplastic traffic lines and markings.
How to remove road marking paint from concrete?
  1. Give the surface of the concrete a deep clean and let it dry.
  2. Use a paint remover.
  3. Let the paint stripper sit for a while.
  4. Wipe the surface down.
  5. After you scrub, give the area a power wash.
  6. Do the steps repeatedly until all the paint is gone.