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E-LITE Aluminum Road Stud/Divider

Aluminum Road studs are devices that are anchored within the road surface for dividing the lane, making road islands, and delineation for night-time visibility.

E-LITE brand raised pavement markers have been proven to improve delineation and increase preview time, particularly under wet conditions, and have been shown to decrease crash rates. All of our markers are made in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility ensuring highest quality standards.

E-LITE markers provide an all-weather, year-round guidance system that won’t black out in the rain, sleet, fog, or falling snow.

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Brand: E-LITE

E-LITE Aluminum Road Studs: E-LITE is a brand by Eastern Highway Company for Road Studs/Cateyes, conforming to International Quality Standards. When it comes to giving drivers extra visual guidance, E-LITE’s full line of road marking solutions delivers more than class-leading performance.

Our aluminum road studs are engineered to be easy to install and offer superior visibility the day or night in dry or wet conditions. They are built to withstand all kinds of rural, city, or highway traffic conditions which in turn gives them a superior product lifespan.

High visibility at longer distances means more preview time for drivers to see, think and react as they drive through hazardous work zones. Roads are much safer when the lanes have been clearly delineated with E-LITE’s RPMs.


Size 150x90x30 mm, 150x90x45 mm, 200x100x45 mm
Colors Yellow, Red



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