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Everything You Should Know About Traffic Road Studs: Types and Installation

Traffic Road Studs

Traffic Road studs are retro-reflective improvements. They are specially designed to improve visibility in the dark more importantly when there is bad weather. Road studs fill the need for speed arrestors before intersections/end of the flyover segment in which road crashes are common.

Road studs are little reflective things involved headed to assist with supporting visibility. Visibility is normally compromised when the weather conditions are poor. They’re utilized all through the world.

They are a few sorts of traffic road studs, including passive and active studs.

Passive Studs- Types of Traffic Road Studs

Passive studs because of their reflective surface mirror light. Consider that a vehicle is driving not too far off, the headlamps bounce off of the studs to allow the driver to see better.

 These are called cat’s eyes studs. Percy Shaw, the designer, saw a cat’s eyes reflecting in obscurity and he created them later.

Active Studs- Types of Traffic Road Studs

Active studs have LED lights that are made to aware drivers aware of possible risks. These road studs enlighten the road, yet in addition mirror light. The studs convey a battery that is re-energized day to day with solar power.

This kind of stud turns on once sunset falls.

Universal Kinds of Traffic Road Studs

The order of traffic road studs in light of the color of varieties is as per the following:

1. White Colour

The white-colored road studs are specially designed to show the roadway line and focal point of the carriageway.

2. Red Colour

As red shows risk, the red-shaded road studs are to be used to reveal a line that ought not to be crossed. It is used to outline the left-hand edge of the running carriageway.

3. Yellow Colour

Yellow-colored Road studs are directed to determine a line that ought not to be crossed. The main focus is to outline the right-hand edge of the running carriageway in the event of the multi­-path isolated carriageways.

Some of the traffic road studs pictures are as follows

Specifications of Traffic Road Studs

  • The road stud shall be manufactured of materials with adequate chemical, water, and UV resistance.
  • The height and width of the road stud shall not exceed 20.3 mm (0.80 in.) and 130 mm (5.1 in.) respectively.
  • The angle between the face of the road stud and the base shall be no greater than 45°.
  • The base of the road stud shall be flat within 1.3 mm (0.05 in.).
  • The base of the road stud shall be substantially free from gloss or substances that may reduce its bond to adhesive. Plastic road studs are also common in use.

Uses of Road Studs in Traffic

Road studs are for the most part utilized for their capacity to change visibility. In case of problems in visibility additional accidents happen around evening.  It has been displayed to forestall more crashes and to build the capacity of drivers to respond to forthcoming issues out and about, like a creature crossing or an unexpected turn.

  • Empowers the drivers to securely place the bends.
  • Further develops security of the street segments
  • Decrease in mishap rates
  • Saving street resources from harms
  • Energy-free choices for highway lighting
  • A portion of the street studs can go about as a speed breaker (as well.
  • Features the presence of the street geometrics
  • Works on the style of street arrangement
  • Passive road studs permit drivers to build their visibility up to 90 meters in front of them.
  • Active traffic road studs give visibility up to 900 meters ahead.

This gives a greater open door to drivers to respond to things out and about ahead and raises driving security. At the point when you drive over a road stud, you’ll feel a slight crash that resonates through the vehicle – roll over numerous at a quick speed and the vehicle will feel the vibration.

It will tell you what has happened.

Reflective Road Studs in Traffic

Not all reflective road studs are utilized on the roads. Reflective road studs are valuable in spaces where there is restricted light, but visibility cannot be compromised. For instance, vehicle parking should be apparent and it tends to be frightening to maneuver into a recreation area around evening time and acknowledge there are no lights. Having a couple of active reflective road studs will make it possible to enlighten the region.

Besides the fact that this gives security, at the same time it’s reassuring to see where you’re strolling and this can forestall stumbling or different sorts of mishaps. These regions are oftentimes overseen around evening time and utilizing a reflective road stud, the space will be enlightened. It will be easier to consider a maintenance man to stroll alongside the roller or emotional.

There are different types of traffic road studs that Eastern Highway offers throughout Pakistan and also internationally:

3M Plastic Cateyes (RPM-290)

Cateyes or Studs are also known as Raised Pavement Markers (RPMs), they are devices that are bonded or anchored within the road surface for lane marking and delineation for night-time visibility.

traffic road studs


Size 90 x 100 x 15 mm
ColorsYellow, White, Red, Green
StandardASTM D4280, CE Certified

E-LITE P21 Plastic Cateyes

E-LITE is a brand by Eastern Highway Company for Road Studs/Cateyes, conforming to International Quality Standards. When it comes to giving drivers extra visual guidance, E-LITE’s full line of road marking solutions delivers more than class-leading performance. Our Road Studs are engineered to be easy to install and offer superior visibility the day or night in dry or wet conditions.

They are built to withstand all kinds of rural, city, or highway traffic conditions which in turn gives them a superior product lifespan and better cost-effectiveness.

traffic road studs


Size100 x 100 x 20 mm
ColorsYellow, White, Red, Green, Blue
StandardASTM D4280 & EU Standard BSEN 1463-1

E-LITE Aluminum Road Stud/Divider

High visibility at longer distances means more preview time for drivers to see, think and react as they drive through hazardous work zones. Roads are much safer when the lanes have been clearly delineated with E-LITE’s RPMs.

traffic road studs


Size150x90x30 mm, 150x90x45 mm, 200x100x45 mm
ColorsYellow, Red

Aluminum Solar Road Stud

Aluminum Solar Road studs are now widely accepted as essential for controlling traffic flow in a wide number of applications. In practice, such systems operate well above the road surface and use a number of well-known and widely accepted colors, with lights in particular orientations to make the message to a driver clear and univocal thereby improving the outturn of the road while enhancing safety aspects.

traffic road studs


Size105x110x20 mm, 122x104x23 mm (3 LEDs each side)

Plastic Solar Road Stud

Roadway lighting systems are now widely accepted as essential for controlling traffic flow in a wide number of applications. Plastic Solar Road Studs are specially designed for the marking of pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, traffic islands, etc.

traffic road studs


SizeDia 120 mm, Height 25 mm (3 LEDs each side)

Temporary Road Studs

Temporary road studs are special studs used at places that are under construction. They are mounted on epoxy and asphalt cladding. Special Cladding makes it easy to remove them after construction without damaging the surface.

Cateyes Road Reflectors

Cats Eyes Road lights can be introduced in unmistakable examples to make different traffic signal arrangements. At the point when ceramic street reflectors are set near one another in lines, traversing the width of a street, they can shape a traffic quietly thunder band that assists in fading speeding. Person-on-foot crossing zones are likewise in some cases made with reflectors to work with both walkers and drivers both.

The motivation behind introducing cats’ eyes in the space is to isolate out vehicular paths, stay away from regular changing of paths, and all the more significantly, forestall turning which is the most widely recognized reason for mishaps. The presence of the cat’s eye would guarantee that the vehicles stay inside their assigned paths.

It consequently restricts their speed to 40 kilometers each hour, which is as far as possible as per global principles.

Cateyes Road Reflectors Color Schemes

Red studs are used to caution drivers that they are approaching the edge of the road. Golden studs are introduced along a double carriageway. Green shaded studs connote the edge of the primary carriageway. Green/Yellow studs caution drivers that there is brief acclimatization to path formats e.g., close to under-development zones.

In Pakistan, traffic road studs are just white, yellow, or red cat-like eyes are noticed bearing a four-sided or roundabout figure. They are typically produced using fired, plastic or metal.

Solar Road Studs

Solar energy sources are harmless to the ecosystem compared to other sources of light. Subsequently, these creative Solar Traffic Road Studs work autonomously on the outside and are totally support-free. In view of their own power supply (sunlight-based cell), the electrical wiring of these lights is dispensed with, bringing about a fast and helpful establishment.

Solar Road Studs are available in Eastern Highway at different prices

Advantages of Solar Road Studs

The benefit of Solar Road Studs:

  • Noticeable up to 1000 meters
  • Diminishes Accidents up to 80%
  • Raises driver response
  • Enlightens really in wet road conditions where conventional striping falls flat
  • Dispense with Light contamination
  • Minimal expense option in contrast to downward-facing light
  • Recyclable
  • Flush In-road Installation
  • Reasonable for snow furrowing
  • Up to 400h perseverance
  • Support free
  • Uni/Bi-Directional LED
  • Simple establishment, remote free
  • Independent solar energy

How to Install Traffic Road Studs- Complete Guide

  • Mark the Position-To introduce Solar Road Studs securely, it is of most extreme significance to securely get the specialists and the road.
  • Mark the legitimate situation for the Solar Road studs.
  • The opening requirement is to have a width of 160mm. The understanding should be around 30mm.
  • It uses a processing head however it is likewise conceivable to use a common precious stone drill center.
  • Drill the opening with a penetrating machine.
  • For a legitimate occurrence of the Solar Road Stud, the opening should be cleaned and dried.
  • With sticky tape, we safeguard the sunlight-based underfloor light as well as the road. Consequently, an awful cleaning can be forestalled later on.


Traffic Road studs are important. Special considerations should be made when designing these studs. Eastern Highway understands the sensitivity of these products and what damage they can cause. Clients like RCB, NHA, DHA, MCB, PAF & many other big names admire the work of Eastern Highway. Eastern Highway makes sure that the quality and material of traffic road studs are not compromised hence, they are known suppliers of road studs in Pakistan.