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Factory/ Warehouse Floor Marking

The primary goal of warehouse floor marking is to create separation in spaces, such as outlining different workstations or storage areas. The markings are also used to indicate potential hazards. Furthermore, floor markings help to direct traffic flow.

Brand: Roadex

Importance of Factory/Warehouse Floor Marking

Safety and efficiency are paramount in every warehouse. Here at Eastern Highway Company, we carry out expert warehouse line marking projects to ensure optimum productivity in the workplace. Our qualified and professional team understands the importance of accurate and clear warehouse floor markings, as they can reduce the risk of accidents when used to show emergency routes or as warning markings.

Employees and visitors alike rely on warehouse floor markings to be guided through warehouse safety which is one of the key ways to enhance warehouse safety. These markings serve a variety of purposes, such as guiding traffic flow through the space, pointing out dangers, highlighting emergency exits, dividing the space up into zones, and many other uses.


Colors Yellow, White, Red, Black, Green


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