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Pillar Marking With CR Paint

Pillar marking with CR paint also known as Column Marking is applied for motorist safety and pillar protection. It can increase the warning effect at night, reminding vehicles to pay attention to avoidance in the dark.

The colors yellow and black/white & black/red & white are primarily used on the visible pillars. The yellow and black combination has high contrast.  They are also painted to improve the aesthetics of the area.

Brand: Roadex

Benefits of Pillar Road Markings

Pillar markings are very essential for the safety of drivers who are navigating through the parking area. These markings are visible and can be identified at long distances when motorists have to take a sharp turn. If they are not present there is a fair chance that the cars will bump into each other especially when it’s dark.

Pillar Marking Technical Specifications

Vehicle/Additive/Solvent (Resin System) 45-50%
Pigment & Extender 55-50%
Viscosity (Ford Cup 4 at 25°C) 100 seconds
Flashpoint 25°C
Color White, Yellow, Black
Adhesion Asphalt and Concrete
Touch Dry 10 to 15 minutes
Traffic Dry 2 to 3 Hours
Mixing Ratio Thinner (Roadex)
Coverage 2.5 to 3 sqm/ltr (100-75 Microns DFT)
Application Methods Spray, brush, or roller
Shelf Life 6 months when properly stored
Packing 20 Liter

Storage and Packing

A 20-liter drum pack is available. Avoid direct sunlight by storing it in a dry, shaded location. Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet for better handling and to avoid accidents.

Precautions and Security

While handling the material, avoid contact with the skin, eyes, or inhalation. When handling the material, wear protective clothing, gloves, masks, goggles, and so on.


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