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Car Park line marking

Eastern Highway Company is known for its road marking services, We are the only company in Pakistan that provides car park line markings. High-quality markings will keep the layout tidy, clean, and safe for both drivers and pedestrians. We provide quality-assured marking adapted to your specific needs, from noting an existing car park to creating the layout of a new parking lot.

Brand: Roadex

Whether you require car parking lining for an entire multi-story car park, or a handful of office parking spaces, here at Eastern Highway Company we will ensure our services are provided in a fast-moving and cost-effective manner. High-quality car park marking ensures the layout of parking bays is clearly organized and safe for both drivers and pedestrians.

With extensive experience in all elements of thermoplastic and paint treatments, our team can design bays for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Making new spaces official
  • Repainting old markings
  • Parking for the disabled and families
  • Reserved areas

Thermoplastic’s abrasion-resistant properties make it ideal for a professional, long-lasting finish on all parking spot markings.

Benefits of Car Park Line Marking:

Car park line marking has several advantages. A few examples are provided below.

Increased attraction: Car park line marking is advantageous for those starting a new business. This can make the desired impact on customers. Customers prefer to visit places with organized parking spaces when parking spaces are overcrowded. This demonstrates that a specific business owner cares about their customers. With this line marking, you can expect your business to grow.

Parking Space Reserved: As previously stated, with a well-organized parking space, the car park line marking is more transparent and more manageable. It is more convenient to park your car in an area designated for parking. These lines are used to keep people safe. The risks of scratches and dents are eliminated, and navigation is smooth.

Vehicle Accommodation: Because most vehicles are parked systematically, a marked area can accommodate more cars. Each driver follows the instructions, ensuring parking convenience.

Car Park Line Marking Specifications

Thermoplastic (TP) Paint or Chlorinated Rubber Based (CR) Paint, both are used for creating car parking areas. TP Paint can only be applied on asphalt areas, whereas CR can be applied both on asphalt and concrete/tough tile areas.

The paint conforms to International Quality Standards; British Standards or American Standards.

Colors Yellow, White



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