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Profile Vibration Marking

Eastern Highway Company is the Pioneer in introducing Profile vibration marking also known as Thermoplastic Convex (Vibration) Marking / Rumble Strip Marking. It is a type of road marking that generates a noise and vibration when a vehicle’s tire rolls over it to give the driver a warning to slow down the vehicle. It consists of a painted line (white or yellow) with raised markings.

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Profile Vibration/ Convex / Rumble Strips Marking

Raised profile vibration marking or thermoplastic convex marking is formulated with a unique material that forms raised blocks/ribs. These raised ribs/blocks formation provides a safety feature by producing an audio-tactile warning to drivers who are swaying out of their lane and excellent reflective properties at night in wet conditions. We can use these road markings to warn of hazards ahead or along the travel direction to warn of hazards that are not staying within a specific lane. They help alert sleepy drivers who may have fallen asleep behind the wheel and distracted drivers who may be drifting down the road.

Why is Profile Vibration Marking Important?

A machine that can mark a baseline while also applying transverse ribs of thermoplastic at regular intervals is used to apply profile vibration marking. A surface application of solid glass beads completes the marking. If the air temperature is 15 degrees Celsius or higher, the lines dry very quickly when applied within 10 minutes. The length and height of the profile vibration marking are fully adjustable.

Eastern Highway Company has the most modern fleet of road marking machines and equipment to ensure international quality standards and meet every client’s needs efficiently. Lines of paint are applied in widths of 15 cm and 20 cm, with an average film thickness of 7 mm (According to national standards).

Specifications of profile vibration marking

The paint meets international standards, including the British Standard (BS 3262) and the American Standard (AASHTO 249).

Color Range White & Yellow
Application Temperature 180°C to 200°C
Maximum Safe Heating 230°C
Softening Point 85°C minimum
Density 1.9-2.0 (g/cm3)
Luminance 80% minimum
Loss Factor 5% maximum
Skid Resistance (BPN) 55% minimum
Flow resistance 2% maximum
Gradation of mineral content RTA T855 Pass
Glass bead content 20% (w/w) minimum
Abrasion resistance 0.6 g/100 revolutions maximum
Flash Point @ °C 230°C minimum
Packs available 25 kg
Component One component

Surface Cleaning

Make sure the area where the road markings will be done is clean and free of dirt, dust, grease, oil, loosely adhered items, and any other surface contamination. If mold or fungus is on the surface, wash it with a commercial bleaching agent before rinsing it with clean water. Allow the surface to dry completely before applying the product.

Transport and Flammability

Non-Flammable. Ensure that the bags are correctly stacked and that the container is securely fastened in the vehicles for transport.

Precautions and Safety

Do not use in environments with high humidity, moisture, or the possibility of rain. Apply when the weather is calm and refined. If severe weather is predicted, discontinue use. Before application, check the color with the color chart/standard. Allow for adequate ventilation while in use. Apply a test sample to a small test area to determine this product’s compatibility. Keep out of children’s reach.


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