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CR Based Road Marking

CR based road marking or Berger Road Marking is basically used to draw parking bay lines, arrows, numbers, lines, etc. It is tough and abrasion resistant with very good weather durability. It dries quickly and has a short turnaround time. It is lead and chrome-free, with low VOC, and thus environmentally friendly.

Brand: Roadex

What is chlorinated rubber paint used for?

 A (chlorinated rubber) CR based road marking paint is used to draw parking bay lines, arrows, numbers, lines, and so on. Berger Road Marking can be used on both bituminous and concrete surfaces. It is challenging and abrasion resistant, with excellent weather resistance.

We maintain a fleet of self-propelled and hand-pushed machines outfitted with high-pressure and airless spray systems for completing mega projects of Motorways and National Highways in a timely and quality-controlled manner.

Eastern Highway strives to make the project as stress-free for customers as possible, which is why we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It means we can complete road marking projects outside work hours to avoid disrupting traffic during peak hours.

Road Marking Application

  • Appropriate and suitable surface preparation increases topcoat life and durability significantly. Skilled/experienced individuals should apply paint.
  • The painting surface must be dry, clean, and free of all contamination. Clean up any dirt, grease, or waxy material. Using a suitable bristle brush, scuff all loose material.
  • The surface temperature must be appropriate, and We must measure the air’s relative humidity and dew point. The final finish should not be subjected to mechanical stress unless fully cured.

Technical Specifications of CR based Road Marking

The CR based road marking machine has a capacity of 80 liters of paint which can apply lines in width of 10-50 cm with a coverage capacity of 2.5 sqm/ltr.

Vehicle/Additive/Solvent (Resin System) 45-50%
Pigment & Extender 55-50%
Viscosity (Ford Cup 4 at 25°C) 100 seconds
Flashpoint 25°C
Color White, Yellow, Black
Adhesion Asphalt and Concrete
Touch Dry 10 to 15 minutes
Traffic Dry 2 to 3 Hours
Mixing Ratio Thinner (Roadex)
Coverage 2.5 to 3 sqm/ltr (100-75 Microns DFT)
Application Methods Spray, brush or roller
Shelf Life 6 months when properly stored
Packing 20 Liter

Safety and Health

• Wear appropriate eye protection when applying paint.

• If the product comes into contact with your eyes, flush them thoroughly with water for at least 10 minutes.

• Avoid inhaling spray mist or dust.

• Use proper ventilation when painting.

• If swallowed, it can cause severe harm.

• Do not use its container for edible storage when it is empty.

• Keep out of the reach of children.

• Pregnant women should avoid inhaling paint mist or spray.

• Seek medical attention as soon as possible in an emergency.

WARNING: Scraping or sanding previously painted surfaces may result in the release of lead dust or fumes. Lead is highly toxic; use extreme caution when handling it.


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What is CR paint?
Eastern Highway Road Marking CR (chlorinated rubber) Road Marking Paint is an acrylic-based, chlorinated rubber-modified paint that dries quickly and can be used on asphalt and concrete roads, primarily for curbstones, speed bumps, and other high-traffic areas.
What is chlorinated rubber used for?
Chlorinated rubber is used to make coatings, maintenance paints, paints for marking traffic, paints for swimming pools, glues, and chemicals that stop fires. Chlorinated rubber is an elastomer (natural rubber or a polyolefin) to which 65% chlorine has been added to make a solid film-forming resin.
How do you paint chlorinated rubber paint?
The best way to put on (chlorinated rubber) CR paint is with a brush or an airless spray. If you want to roll it on, use a short mohair roller and smooth it out with a brush afterward to eliminate bubbles. Use the recommended amounts of chlorinated rubber. DO NOT put on too much.
How long does chlorinated rubber paint last?
You can use CR Based Road Marking Paints for at least one year, and depending on the paint, many can be used for five to nine years. Keep your paint in a container with a tight lid, and keep it away from heat, sparks, and open flames.