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ETEP Road Marking Die Shoe

Road marking die shoe is the part of thermoplastic road marking machine. The marking die shoes decide the quality of marking lines such as marking width, marking thickness and line surface flatness. The width of road marking shoe range from 50mm to 550mm. We manufacture one of the most durable & long lasting high quality road marking shoes having two types: Screed (For a flat thermoplastic line) & Profile (For convex vibration marking).

This road marking equipment is attached with your thermoplastic road marking machines and is known as a die shoe which is based on screed/profile application system.

Screed Application Method:

Thermoplastic material is forced through a dispensing shoe that rides directly on the road surface. A continuous line is formed by a three sided die with a control gate set to a pre-determined thickness.

Profile Application Method:

Thermoplastic markings are constructed with an alternating elevated and recessed profile which provide nighttime retroreflectivity under wet conditions, and in cases where the profiles are large enough, a rumble effect can be felt when driving over the markings.


Sizes: 50 mm – 550 mm


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