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ETEP Thermoplastic Paint Pre-Heater Single Tank

Thermoplastic Paint Pre-Heater, also known as a Hot Melt Kettle, is one of the main pieces of equipment for constructing a thermoplastic road marking line.

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Brand: ETEP

Thermoplastic Paint Pre-Heater also known as a Hot Melt Kettle, it is one of the main equipment for the construction of thermoplastic road marking line. It involves melting, heating and mixing the thermoplastic material making it ready for application via the road marking machine. We offer single tank and double tank hydraulic amd mechanical pre heaters.


Paint Tank Capacity 500 kg
Power Diesel Engine 15 Horsepower
Water-Cooled Hydraulic Oil Tank 60L
Hydraulic control system Multiple integrated hydraulic control valves
Heating system Efficient stoves
Heating mode LPG
Thermometer Each container is equipped with thermometer with heating resistance and shock resistance
Heat Preservation Double layer heat insulating material is fixed between inner container and outer layer
Ventilating exhaust system Suction-type chimneys at the top of tank
Heating temperature 0-300 °C



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