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Convex Mirrors -Defining and Understanding their Top 10 Uses in Daily Life

Have you seen large convex mirrors by the side of the road? Do you know how security guards check vehicles for safety?

Convex Mirrors may seem to serve no function because of the simplicity of their structure however they are very important for roads. Let us find what are convex mirrors and how are they used.

Definition of Convex Mirrors

A convex mirror is a mirror that has its reflective surface bulging to the light source. A mirror can be concave or convex mirrors. Convex mirrors have their surface facing outwards and concave mirrors have surfaces facing inwards.

These mirrors are designed in a way that they tend to form virtual images. This is because the focus and center of curvature are imaginary points inside the mirror and they are impossible to reach. A convex mirror image can be viewed on screen.

The distance of the object from the mirror causes a change in the size of the image. The image gets larger as this object approaches the mirror.

Difference between Concave and Convex Mirrors

Concave mirrors are mirrors having their surface from the middle facing inwards. They reflect the light inwards towards their focus. They are also called converging mirrors as they tend to converge all the lights to a single focus point. those with an inward curve in the center that reflects light inward to focus it on a single focal point. Concave mirrors can create several types of images based on the distance of the object from the mirror.

Convex mirrors are mirrors having their surface from the middle facing outwards. They allow light from the object to fall directly on the mirror. These mirrors are called diverging mirrors since they diverge the beam of light entering them.

Concave mirrors can normally be seen in makeup mirrors, telescopes, automotive headlights, torches, and dental clinic mirrors since they create a bigger picture compared to the actual size of the object. Convex mirrors tend to create smaller images than the actual size of the object. You can normally find them in rear-view mirrors, sunglasses, and other similar applications.

What is a Convex Mirror used for?

Convex mirrors are the best solution to all road safety needs. Convex mirror image is virtual that helps in creating live CCTV, or other safety tools. These mirrors are dependable and a one-time installation that does not need electricity or maintenance. 

Some other benefits of mirror include

  • Present a wider view of blind spot areas
  • One-timeme installation 
  • Long lifetime 
  • Proven safety record

Top 10 Uses of Convex Mirrors

A convex mirror is an excellent safety measure. The top 10 uses of Convex Mirrors are as follows:

  1. One of the top benefits of convex mirrors is that they let you see round corners and bends. This makes them especially good for visionless corners, sharp bends, and your driveway if you can’t see the oncoming traffic.
  2. Putting these mirrors at a practical height permits you to see cars coming when you can’t see them with the naked eye. This suggests that rather than leaving your driveway inch by inch, more in hope than anything else, you can now see whether the road is clear before departing.
  3. It is beneficial for sharp corners. When you cannot glimpse oncoming traffic, a strategically positioned mirror lets you see what is around the corner. The same goes for the oncoming vehicle. It makes both of you aware and warns you to slow down.
  4. The same guide applies to parking garages. When the entering cars are hovering and a blind corner ahead, these mirrors will allow you to see each other. You can make an elusive effort or slow down tamely.
  5. They are used in the rear-view mirrors of all vehicles. They will give a more expansive view when they resemble plane mirrors. You will need substantial plane mirrors to cover the width seen through a mirror of a much shorter size.
  6. They are also used for security purposes in building, hallways, shops, etc. In a shop, a single security man can view an extensive part of the shop using convex mirrors on the ceiling. Rather than hiring more than one security personnel, we can use numerous convex mirrors on the ceiling. In hallways, you can put them at junctions or at blind spots in the corridors to enhance the visibility of people walking there.
  7. On roads, driveways, and alleys, convex mirrors are angularly upheld, particularly at curves and turn to improve visibility. They are also used in parking lots to make parking and taking out of parking easy. The mirror helps them lookout at any incoming traffic or vehicles.
  8. In automated teller machines, a mirror is present close to the top of the machine. This is so that one can see what is behind their back. You can see if anyone is looking while you are entering your pin.
  9. They are also used in sunglasses. They help to direct all the sun rays away from the person’s eye. They are also employed in making magnifying glasses. Two convex mirrors are placed back-to-back to create a magnified effect.
  10. Lastly, They are used in street lights since they are very good light reflectors. They boost the amount of light; this makes it more comfortable to light up streets with low energy use. They are used in telescopes too.

Where Should One mount a convex mirror?

A convex mirror is impractical if it is not positioned correctly at the correct height. This can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with how these mirrors work. You will find it helpful to get professional advice on installation from the experts here at Eastern Highway. A mirror must be mounted in a specific way to ensure its maximum utility is used, thus ensuring a safer work environment. 

Here is some information about how and where to position the mirror:

  • Position mirror where objects of reference can be seen in detail about 5 to 1 meter away. 
  • The standard Positioning height for a mirror is between 2 and 3 meters. It will rely on the location and type of traffic using it. 
  • Position the reflecting surface to let for the most comprehensive and detailed view of the blind spot. 
  • Priorities accident-prone areas and ensure the mirror does not interfere with the safety and traffic flow. 
  • Mount so the mirror’s surface does not reflect a light source into drivers’ eyes. This could be from sunlight or an interior light closeby.
  • If your mirror is for security purposes ,it will ensure you about the position the curvature to capture the exact areas you want to monitor. 
  • Ensure you’re installing a mirror with the suitable material to suit its location and surrounding environment.

Why do we prefer a convex mirror in vehicles?

At Eastern Highway, we store a range of convex mirrors developed to enhance traffic safety inside and around your areas. Here are some of the types of mirrors you can choose from and understand why we prefer a convex mirror in vehicles:

Indoor Convex Mirrors

They are designed for indoor use and can easily be positioned on a wall. Indoor convex mirrors are likely the most cost-effective and effective barrier against thefts in shops and crashes in the workplace.

Stainless Steel Mirror

Stainless Steel Mirror impact resistant and reinforced to resist potential vandalism. This powerful and stable mirror can resist hard knocks in industrial conditions or where pellet objects, such as rocks, are a problem. 

Convex spherical mirror

They provide a complete 360-degree view of the surroundings. It’s specially developed to be ascended on the ceiling or balanced from above. Spherical mirrors whose external face is reflective are called convex mirrors.

Convex Mirror (Stainless Steel)

Convex Mirrors provide the best vision for oncoming vehicles or pedestrians, their steel design makes them extremely durable during use, perfect for urban areas.

convex mirrors

Security Dome Convex Mirror

Dome Mirror provides workers to view blind spots and what is around the corner. Serves great as a security mirror providing a large range of views.

convex mirrors

High visibility and outdoor convex mirrors 

They are Utilized for their utmost durability. These weather-resistant convex mirrors feature reflective surfaces that cause them ultra visible to drivers under challenging conditions. 

Round-triangular reflective mirror 

These mirrors are smart inventions that let pedestrians and other traffic have an even wider view of blind spots. This modern round mirror features a 3D-style border constructed of triangular reflective glass units making pyramid shapes.

Under Vehicle Search Mirror

A robust wheeled trolley under vehicle mirror, specifically designed and developed with security personnel in mind, for searching the underside of vehicles.

convex mirrors


Eastern Highway is the best Traffic Engineering and Traffic safety services providing company in Pakistan. We have especially designed mirrors based on the precise need of the product. We have installed special mirrors on the roadsides and motorways that have helped improve visibility on road and prevented many terrible accidents.