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ETEP Convex Mirrors (Polycarbonate)

Convex Mirrors provide the best vision for oncoming vehicles or pedestrians. They ensure maximum safety for an area where there are blindspots in terms of roads. These polycarbonate mirrors are cost-effective and durable. They are scratch resistant and shock resistant unless otherwise stated. These are great for areas where the mirror cannot be located out of the way.

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Our range of safety mirrors will ensure that you have excellent visibility wherever you are. Convex mirrors are used across almost all industries. The curvature of these mirrors expands the field of vision allowing blind spots to be seen with ease.

The key function of these convex mirrors is to improve safety and security around them. This may be at a hospital, allowing people to see around blind corridor corners. In a warehouse where forklifts operate in narrow racking rows. Or on a busy main road where hedges obscure the view from a driveway.

Our comprehensive range of mirrors is made from a variety of materials such as stainless steel and acrylic/polycarbonate. Which type of material is best suited will depend on where you intend to install them.

Key Applications of Convex mirrors
  • Improving vision around corners.
  • Preventing pedestrians from walking into the path of vehicles.
  • Allowing machine operators to see behind the machine, or behind themselves.
  • Allowing vehicle checkpoint staff to see the back of a vehicle without moving from the front.
  • Assisting drivers seeing oncoming traffic when pulling out of driveways

Convex Mirrors provide the best vision for oncoming vehicles or pedestrians, their steel design makes them extremely durable during use, perfect for urban areas. They ensure maximum safety for an area where there are blind spots in terms of roads. Each mirror is made entirely from high quality acrylic, the acrylic mirror front provides excellent vision over time and is virtually unbreakable during use.


Sizes 24 inches, 32 inches


With Pole, Without Pole, Portable Stand




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