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what are indoor safety signs

What are indoor safety signs?

What are indoor safety signs? These are the signs that help ensure safety indoors. The safety signs placed inside schools, hospitals, offices, workplaces, and others are indoor safety signs. Discover high-quality indoor safety signs to ensure workplace safety and compliance. Browse the extensive range of signs for hazard warnings, directions, and safety instructions.

What are Indoor Safety Signs – A Guide 

Imagine a big, busy factory where many people work every day. To keep everyone safe, there are special signs on the walls and floors. These signs are called indoor safety signs. They tell people important information, like where to go if there is a fire or when to wear a helmet. Without these signs, it would be easy to get hurt or lost. Moreover, it will help keep everyone safe. You need to understand why it’s important to pay attention to them. 

What are Indoor Safety Signs?

Indoor safety signs are visual indicators placed inside buildings to communicate important safety information. They help people understand what they should or shouldn’t do in specific areas to stay safe. These signs use simple graphics and clear text to convey messages quickly and effectively. 

what are Indoor Safety Signs

Specifications of Indoor Safety Signs

Here are some specifications of Indoor safety signs:

Size/Design: Made to fit what the customer wants

Sign Panels Material: Can be made from Aluminum Sheet, Galvanized MS (Mild Steel) Sheet, MS Sheet, Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP), Acrylic Sheet, or PVC Sheet

Reflective Sheeting: Options include Engineering Grade, High-Intensity Prismatic, Diamond Grade, or Vinyl

Difference Between Indoor Safty Signs vs Outdoor Safety Signs

Indoor safety signs and outdoor safety signs serve similar purposes in providing warnings, instructions, and safety information, but they differ in their design and construction to meet the specific needs of their environments.

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Indoor Safety Signs:

  • Indoor signs are usually made from materials like plastic or lightweight metal. They are designed to withstand indoor conditions, which means they don’t need to be as rugged as outdoor signs.
  • These signs are often smaller and use bright colors and clear fonts to ensure visibility in well-lit indoor settings.
  • They often focus on hazards related to the building’s interior, such as wet floors, electrical hazards, or restricted areas.

Outdoor Safety Signs:

  • Outdoor signs are made from more durable materials like heavy-duty aluminum or weather-resistant plastic. They are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, wind, and sunlight.
  • These signs are generally larger and use reflective materials or special coatings to ensure they are visible in various lighting conditions, including low light or nighttime.
  • Outdoor signs address hazards related to the external environment, such as construction zones, traffic directions, or slippery surfaces due to weather.

The Importance of Using Indoor Safety Signs

Safety signs are very important in every workplace. They help share important health and safety information with employees, contractors, and the public. Here are three reasons why every business needs safety signs.

They Are Educational

Imagine working in a place like a factory or a construction site where there are many dangers. Safety signs are crucial for teaching workers, visitors, and the public about these dangers. For example, exit signs show the way out in an emergency. You can have many safety signs because they help prepare for every possible situation.

They Can Be Used as Preventative Measures

Even with lots of training and information about workplace safety, some injuries still happen. However, putting up safety signs can help prevent serious injuries. These signs are very important for anyone working in dangerous places like construction sites or factories.

They Provide Instant Safety Information

Safety signs are excellent because they show hazards clearly with easy-to-understand pictures and simple instructions. They use eye-catching colors and shapes to make sure employees know when they are entering a dangerous area or need to do something to stay No matter what kind of business you have, you probably need safety signs. Even a simple sign like “fire door: keep shut” can be crucial for safety.

Some Types of Indoor Safety Signs-what are indoor safety signs?

Different signs help keep various workplaces safe. 

Warning Signs

One important type is warning signs. These signs warn people about potential dangers or risks in the area. They’re used to draw attention to unsafe conditions that could cause injuries, though they may not be life-threatening. Warning signs should describe the hazard briefly and give instructions on how to stay safe. Examples of warning signs include signs for electric shocks, wet floors, safety hazards, and other warnings specific to the workplace.

Caution Signs

Caution signs are like warning signs, but they show a safety hazard that is not as serious. These signs should also include instructions on how to stay safe in that area. Examples of caution signs are signs for safety dust masks, safety glasses, and hazardous materials.

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory safety signs are used to tell people about rules they must follow to stay safe. These signs should clearly describe the rule and explain how to follow it. Examples of mandatory safety signs include signs that say no smoking, wear safety helmets, and wear safety clothing.

Indoor Sign Boards
Indoor Sign Boards by Eastern Highway Company

Emergency Signs

Emergency signs are there to warn people about immediate safety risks and show where emergency facilities are in case of danger. These signs also give instructions on what to do during an emergency. Examples of emergency signs include fire safety signs, evacuation signs, and first aid signs.

Danger Signs

Danger safety signs are used to warn people about serious safety risks that could cause severe injury or death. These signs should describe the hazard clearly and provide safety instructions to help people stay safe in that area. Examples of danger safety signs include signs for high-voltage areas, radiation hazards, and other dangerous conditions.

Fire Signs

Fire safety signs are crucial for alerting people to fire hazards and guiding them on how to prevent and handle fires safely. These signs provide instructions on fire prevention and management in the area. They also indicate where fire equipment like extinguishers, blankets, and hoses are located. Examples of fire safety signs include signs for fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, escape routes, and exit routes.

Eastern Highway assists in ensuring compliance with all signage regulations by providing cost-effective signage solutions. The high-quality indoor safety signs serve as crucial visual alerts for any business establishment. These signs are carefully designed to offer clear instructions, minimizing confusion and misunderstandings. 

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