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Zebra crossings

Why are Zebra Crossings Important for the Safe Crossing of Roads by Pedestrians in 2024?

A zebra crossing also known as a pedestrian crossing marked with white stripes technically known as zebra stripes allows pedestrians to cross the road. Zebra Crossings are a compulsory and safe option for pedestrians especially in case of heavy traffic.

In most countries, pedestrians have priority over vehicular traffic, although the significance of the markings may vary. Let us discuss details about why are they called Zebra crossings and discover their importance on roads .

History Behind Calling it Zebra Crossing

They are known as zebra crossings as the stripes resemble a zebra’s fur. Slough, United Kingdom, installed the first zebra crossing in 1951 to enhance pedestrian safety at existing and new crossing points.

Zebra markings have been used on roads internationally since then to represent pedestrian crossings. Many crossings have been replaced with signalized crossings due to safety concerns. Zebras escaped from London Zoo in the middle of the 20th century and somehow managed to thrive in the urban environment.

There was, however, a downside to this. The zebras were not known for their knowledge of traffic rules, and they would often prance in front of oncoming vehicles.

Individuals have been educated about pedestrian etiquette by teaching these zebras to cross the road at safe locations.

 They would be rewarded with delicious grass if they crossed the road at a safe location, which would be marked by alternating white and dark stripes. As a result, these crossing was created.

zebra crossings

Guidelines For Zebra Crossing

Zebra crossings are a critical road safety concern in Pakistan. They are spots on the road where motorists must stop in motion and allow pedestrians to cross. To achieve this, zebra crossings are used.

However, motorists in this country are not doing so. These crossings should be a safe harbor for children, the elderly, and every other category of person to use the road without fear of being struck by a vehicle. Pedestrian-crossing is a critical road safety concern in this part of the world. Pedestrians are prohibited from running while crossing the road on a zebra crossing, rather they should walk smartly to cross the road while motorists slow down and stop.

Black and White Zebra Crossing on Roads

Drivers must stop at a black-and-white zebra crossing to let pedestrians cross the road. The majority of these crossings are white, and they alert drivers that they must give pedestrians the right of way. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Traffic lights are not always present on a white these crossing, which may make crossing it challenging. In addition to the absence of traffic lights, 74% of drivers do not yield to pedestrians at these crossings, according to MIROS research.

As a result, it is the pedestrian’s job to determine when it is safe to cross the road. However, once a pedestrian has already started crossing a zebra crossing, drivers must stop to allow pedestrians the right of way.

zebra crossing

Yellow Zebra Crossings on Roads

How the yellow zebra crossing works depends on who is closest to it. If the car is closer to the line, the pedestrian must wait to cross, and vice versa if the pedestrian is closer to the line. It is lucky that most yellow pedestrian crossings have traffic signals, which makes crossing them less difficult than their white counterparts. A crossing is safer for pedestrians when pedestrian crossings are used.

However, safety cannot be taken for granted, and pedestrians must be on their guard when crossing the road. Drivers must slow down when approaching a these crossing, whether it is white or yellow.

Because some drivers may be unfamiliar with the crossing, the upgrade may be beneficial to them if:

• They failed to notice it among other lamp posts and signs on the road

• They weren’t paying adequate attention to the road—something more noticeable may catch their attention

• While other people might notice a pedestrian waiting at a these crossing, drivers might purposefully ignore them.

zebra crossing

Benefits of Using Zebra Crossing on Roads

 A zebra crossing with a raised top similar to a speed table might be more effective at getting drivers to yield to pedestrians. By using the zebra crossing, people can get across the road.

In addition to flashing yellow lights on white and black striped poles, there are zigzag lines on the road. It is advisable for drivers to slow down and cross the road when pedestrians are crossing. They may stand in line at the zebra crossing lines to signify their intention to cross the road.

The pedestrian crosses the road very quickly because waiting is not an option. The easiest way to control traffic is to control the traffic easily. On the other hand, there are lots of gas stations that prefer to advertise their fuel prices with led gas price signs. It is the best method to improve business visibility and exposure. It is the best approach for gasoline retailers to capture the attention of potential clients.

These lights are equipped with new technologies that allow you to put lights on any road. Most people use these lights to avoid accidents or collisions on the signal. Traffic lights assist people by signaling according to the lights. Traffic lights are available in a variety of sizes so people may select the one that best fits their road width. Professionals that have experience in the sector are the most likely to provide these lights.

It’s possible to improve the safety of a crossing by increasing the visibility of a crossing beacon to vehicle drivers.

Zebra Crossings in Pakistan

The zebra crossing in Pakistan is drawn on traffic signals so that pedestrians can cross the road safely. When the traffic light turns red, vehicles should stop behind these crossings. However, zebra crossings have disappeared in Pakistan.

In cities like Lahore and Islamabad, people don’t follow them even if they are present. When people stop their vehicles over these crossings or in front of them, pedestrians have difficulty crossing the road.

These crossings, like their similarly named animals, are rare in the metropolis due to the disappearance of white lines painted before traffic lights. On many streets, motorists no longer heed these crossings because they have faded away or have been casually ignored; others have stopped a decent distance past the traffic lights.

A crossing is a pedestrian crossing that features alternating dark and light stripes. Pakistani traffic rules state that motorists must stop their cars behind the white line that begins the crossing. These crossings allow pedestrians to cross the road safely without being struck by motorists.


Eastern Highway has played the role of pioneer in Road marking in Pakistan .The Company is one of the leading agencies that have designed zebra crossings in every important road of the country .They understand that providing a safe crossing is very important for the safety of public.