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Aluminium speed breakers

All About Aluminium Speed Breakers

Looking for a safer, more efficient way to slow down traffic? Aluminium speed breakers might just be the solution you need.

Aluminium speed breakers have emerged as a revolutionary solution to address the challenges posed by speeding vehicles. Designed to slow down traffic effectively while ensuring durability and sustainability, aluminium speed breakers are gaining popularity worldwide.

Aluminum Speed Breaker

What is a Speed Breaker?

Speed breakers that are popular known as speed bumps have plenty of functions that can cater to the needs of many. The speed bump is a raised space on the road. It is designed in such a way that it will slow down vehicles no matter how much the traffic. Many times drivers are recklessly driving in residential or commercial areas which is the cause of many accidents. The areas near the school are also prone to accidents. The speed breaker in such areas can prevent accidents and save the lives of many. Almost all the areas where pedestrians are walking a lot of care is required.

Aluminium Speed Breakers 

Aluminium speed breakers are traffic-calming devices designed to slow down vehicles and improve road safety. Unlike traditional speed breakers made from concrete or asphalt, aluminum speed breakers are constructed using lightweight yet durable aluminum materials. These speed breakers are typically modular in design, allowing for easy installation, removal, and repositioning as needed.

Aluminium Speed breakers are resistant to harsh weather conditions and various impacts. The speed breaker is commonly known as a speed bump. Moreover, it is useful to reduce the speed of traffic and prevent accidents. Pedestrians can walk in peace knowing that the cars will automatically have to reduce their speed due to the speed bump. Drivers can fully concentrate on their driving and keep themselves safe.

It is not surprising why Aluminium speed breakers are preferred over others. They have many features including durability and high tensile strength. Moreover, the tough construction and chemical resistance makes it a valuable choice for many. The speed bump is available in different sizes like 330 x 320 x 40 mm, 330 x 345 x 50 mm, 330 x 380 x 60 mm.

Benefits of Aluminium speed breaker

An Aluminium speed breaker is used as a safety device on a road or street. By moving through a breaker the driver can reduce the speed of their vehicle in a desirable way. It is necessary to discourage speeding in residential areas.

Improving safety

When the speed of the vehicle is reduced, it can prevent accidents. Many pedestrians and cyclists done feel safe on the road. When the drivers don’t over speed it will help everyone feel safe, especially the kids.

Reducing noise

You will be surprised to know that when a vehicle slows down due to a speed breaker it will reduce the consumption of fuels. The speed breaker has become an important tool to conserve energy and keep the carbon emissions lower than usual. There is a lot of environmental impact due to many vehicles on the road. However, due to a speed bump it can reduce noise and keep everyone safe.

Aluminium speed breakers

Improving the flow of traffic

On many incidents a speed breaker has improved the flow of traffic. It will encourage drivers to keep their vehicles safe and slow down their speed at the right time. Moreover, it will improve congestion and improve the overall flow of traffic.

Enhancing aesthetics

Speed breaks have the ability to enhance the overall aesthetics of a certain road or street. It provides a decorative element that is hard to ignore.

What is the speed limit of an aluminum speed breaker?

An Aluminium speed breaker is a durable choice. It helps to slow down the speed of 15-20km/h. All the traditional speed breakers are effective in many ways. However, they can damage the vehicles. This is why an Aluminium speed bump is becoming very popular. They can work best in residential areas and provide roads that require slow driving.


Aluminium speed breakers are gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. They have numerous features that make them an ideal choice. It ensures road safety and controls the speed of traffic no matter how busy the roads are. Here are some features of the aluminum speed bump:


The Aluminium speed bump is made of Aluminium. It is strong and lasting. Moreover, it has got a lifespan of 5 years and will not have any effect from the harsh weather conditions. No doubt it is one of the best options for traffic management.

Lightweight nature:

As compared to the traditional concrete and rubber speed breakers, Aluminium speed breaker is lightweight. Moreover, it is easy to transport them without any difficulty.


An aluminum speed breaker is a cost effective option for road authorities and municipalities. Whenever they want to implement special rules of traffic, these bumps give them the right option.


The best thing about a speed breaker is that it is versatile. The best thing is that it is available in various shapes and sizes. Whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial park, using this speed breaker turns out to be the best option.

Highly visible

An Aluminium speed bump is easily visible. The driver can spot it from a distance without having any difficulty.


All the features and benefits of an Aluminium speed breaker make it an ideal choice for the road authorities. They are lightweight, versatile and cost-effective. No doubt, an Aluminium speed breaker can help manage traffic easily.