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Discovering why and how Speed Breakers Save the Pedestrians on Roads in 2024

What are Speed Breakers?

Speed Breakers generally called speed humps or speed bumps are traffic calming devices generally installed to reduce speed-related accidents. Safety cones are designed for an enhanced driving experience for road users while reducing costs and perfecting the terrain at the same time.

The road humps will only decelerate down those who need to be braked, while those adhering to the traffic laws and speed limits can travel without any concern.

Types of Speed Breakers in Pakistan for Roads

 Speed bumps are generally divided into 6 types grounded on their locales. These types are explained below :

Highway Speed Breakers

 Highway’s speed bumps are installed on major roads. Their main entity is controlling traffic inflow by assessing speed limits on the moving vehicles.

 Speed bumps aren’t as generally used on highways as they’re used on domestic roads. It’s because vehicles on the main roads move at high speed.

An unforeseen impact caused by a road cone or safety cone can contribute to vehicular damage. It can also disturb the route of exigency vehicles.

Highways bumps can also be used on other roads and megacity thoroughfares where climbers and vehicles have further commerce. Installing them before traffic signals or pavement markings can force people to stop at a red light or follow the road markings.

Driveway Speed Breakers

 Driveway speed bumps decelerate down vehicles moving on the driveway. Traffic control devices like a speed hump, speed- bump, speed table, traffic cones, and cocoons reduce vehicle speed and avoid accidents.

 Road Speed Breakers also awaken the motorists to the presence of the pedestrian on a driveway, thruway, or pavement.

They produce a safe crossing area for people walking on the pedestrians crossing, crosswalk, and sidewalk. They force motorists to reduce speed below 15 long hauls per hour.

Gravel Road Speed Breakers

 Gravel roads have no face material added. Rather, they’ve dirt and gravel on their face. Thus, when an automobilist, bicyclist, or any other vehicle motorist goes through this road at high speed, Gravel along with dirt will disband and may beget trouble to the passer-by. It can also disturb people living in the neighborhood around this road.

 Taking calming measures like the installation of Gravel Road speed bumps, speed limit signs, stop- subscribe, speed signs, road signs, advising signs, and other signage can reduce these issues.

 Vehicles driving on the loose gravel face also have increased delaying distance which makes it hard for speeding vehicles to reduce their speed at the right time. Still, speed bumps can help reduce speed for pedestrians’ safety and traffic safety.

Dirt Road Speed Breakers

 Dirt road speed bumps have the same function as gravel road speed bumps. The difference is they’re used on dirt roads rather than gravel roads.Dirt roads also don’t have a proper face. A speedy vehicle going over a dirt road can disperse dirt and trouble the passer-by by making the path unclear.

 The disbandment of dirt can also make it mild for people living in the near homes to keep their homes dirt-free.

 A great result to reduce the dirt discharge is installing dirt road speed bumps on dirt roads at points where pedestrians traffic is high, and homes are near.

Garage Speed Breakers

 The safety of customers and other people present in garages is perfect. It’s important to put a speed limit in high-volume situations where vehicles and pedestrians are at a close distance.

Installing garage speed bumps is a great traffic- operation way of keeping vehicles moving safely through a garage.

 We can also place them at crossroad points in a garage where traffic from different points comes to go through the exit point.

This speed control or traffic-control measure will help you in reducing the chances of collisions between speedy vehicles.

Parking lot Speed Breakers

 Parking lot speed bumps are effective in managing the arrangement and speed of vehicles in parking lots.

Cars, buses, motorbikes, ambulances, or any other vehicle situated in a parking lot will have to follow a posted speed limit assessed by the parking lot proprietor with the help of speed bumps.

 Parking lots are places where vehicles and pedestrians can have direct contact. Thus, it’s important to make sure that motorists move at a slow speed for the sake of pedestrians’ safety.

 Speed Humps on Roads

Speed humps, occasionally called road humps or undulations, are used for 10 – 15 mph speed zones. They’re frequently seen on original roads or connector roads where traffic needs to flow easily but inordinate speed will jeopardize walkers. Playground and academy zones frequently use these in traffic operations.

 A speed hump creates a gentle shaking impression in an auto passing over it at the posted speed limit. However, the hump will jar the vehicle and its contents, causing discomfort to the users and dislocation of weight If an auto is driving at an unsafe speed.

These obstacles generally measure the lane they’re placed in. This way, vehicles are encouraged to pass over them with both cars, reducing the liability of bottoming out.

 Speed Bumps Used on Roads

Speed bumps are more aggressive traffic calming options than speed humps, and so are useful in places where climbers and buses partake space nearly, like parking lots and driveways. A speed bump generally slows traffic to 2 – 10 mph, giving both people and automobiles time to reply safely to one another.

Speed bumps are infrequently used on public roads because they bear vehicles to come to a near stop to pass over them, and can-do damage to buses moving.

 Speed bumps can be two to four elevations high, but they have an important shorter trip distance than speed humps. These obstacles are under a vehicle’s tire for lower than half of a full wheel rotation, with standard extents between six elevations and two bases.

Since a speed bump is always much lower than vehicles passing over it, each axle will cross independently, meaning any auto moving at inordinate speed will admit two substantial jolts.

 Speed bumps, like their further calm siblings, can be placed at intervals to maintain speed reduction. They’re frequently spaced cautiously as they’re more uncomfortable to go over at any speed and are used in lower geographical areas.

 Plastic Speed Breakers

 Plastic speed Breakers are the most significant effects that help avoid a road accident. They can reduce the threat of losses, or injuries on the road, and are of great significance across the world.

Plastic speed bumps can be set up across the world, in every major megacity. Speed breakers in Pakistan can range from cheap to precious, depending on the type.

 There are some salient features of Plastic Speed Breakers:

 • They can help in decelerating down traffic.

 • Plastic Road speed Breakers are cost-effective.

• The Speed Breakers of the Eastren Highway are largely effective and are made from sturdy plastic and rubber.

 • These are indeed visible at night, thanks to the high-intensity mirrors placed on them.

Some of the best Speed Breakers that are used by Eastren Highway are given below;

Plastic Speed Breaker in Pakistan

Also known as a Road Cone, it is used to reduce traffic speed to secure roads from traffic accidents.

 The offered speed bumps are greatly admired for their features like durability, tough construction, chemical resistance, and high tensile strength. These safety cones are highly resistant to various impacts and harsh weather conditions.

ETEP Aluminum Speed Breaker

Also known as a speed bump, it is used to reduce traffic speed to secure roads from traffic accidents. The offered speed bumps are greatly admired for their features like durability, tough construction, chemical resistance, and high tensile strength.

These speed bumps are highly resistant to various impacts and harsh weather conditions.

Aluminum Speed Breaker

Rubber Speed Bump

Also known as a speed bump it is used to reduce traffic speed to secure roads from traffic accidents.

The offered speed bumps are greatly admired for their features like durability, tough construction, chemical resistance, and high tensile strength. These speed bumps are highly resistant to various impacts and harsh weather conditions.

Rubber Speed Breaker

Rumble Strips

These rubber rumble strips have multiple applications and can be used on roadways to separate lanes and reduce traffic speeds. 

Distances can be varied between the strips to obtain the required effect. Other applications include mounting on walls for protective strips and can also be used for spill bunding. 

These can be installed with bolts or glue.

Rumble Strips

Installation of Speed Breakers

 Speed bumps and speed humps are generally made from rubber or asphalt. Plastic, essence, and concrete options are available as well.

 When made from rubber or plastic, these obstacles are easy to install on pre-existing shells, allowing for a rapid-fire and effective setup. Both options are featherlight and can be installed temporarily.

Very restrictive installations, with numerous placed near together in series, can produce a challenge to snow junking in downtime climates both rubber and plastic speed bumps can be uninstalled to grease these operations.

Speed Breaker prices in Pakistan

The Prices of speed breakers in Pakistan depend on the manufacturer who provides these, however, some average prices are given below;

Types of Speed BreakersPrices In Pakistan
Speed Breaker, Speed HumpRs 6,700
Rubber Speed BreakerRs 5,200
Speed Breaker and Cat EyesRs 4,500


Speed Breakers for roads provided by Eastern Highway are the most cost-effective ones.

Plastic speed bumps, traffic cones, and portable fences are all equally simple ways to save lives by slowing down traffic and attaining reduced speeds of vehicles. We have provided speed breakers to some major companies like NLC Peshawar, NHA, and RDA.

Eastern Highway speed Breakers ensure lasting safety for roads more importantly in crowded cities. Road Cones and Safety Cones are the best tools to prevent road accidents and ensure safety.