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An Amazing 5 Minutes Guide-Traffic Cones on Road

Why Traffic cones is a business necessity in Pakistan?


Traffic Cones are cone-shaped labels that are used to deflect road traffic or pace safely. They are also used to avoid accidents and incidents.

Cones are reflective so that they’re visible at night plus they are typically colored red or orange with white vertical stripes.

When the warning cones are used internally, within public structures, they’re unheroic and labeled to notify the public of a particular hazard.

Uses of Traffic Cones on Road

Traffic cones are durable and designed to repel all rainfall conditions plus the base of the cone is laden to protect it remains upright and stationary.

Traffic cones are one major part player when it comes to stirring traffic processes, especially in Pakistan. The main purpose of traffic cones is to furnish safety and transfer an alert to the people who are driving on the road.

These cones substantially indicate that some construction is going on ahead or that the area isn’t safe to drive to. Therefore, whenever you see a traffic cone on the road, you should decelerate down a bit as palladium.

The presence of traffic cones is veritably essential as it gives a hint about the area ahead and therefore, you may stay safe from any mishap while driving upon the roads.

 The traffic cones are also used for turning the vehicles. They’re an easy and simple way to tell the motorists on the road that there’s forthcoming dangerous traffic ahead. As a result, motorists can take the essential decision according to the situation.

Specifications of Road Traffic Cones

It’s a well-known fact that these cones are effective enough to divert the traffic down from work in progress or peril of any kind.  To start with the description of the look of the traffic cone, they’re significantly orange in color which happens to be one of the brightest colors.

Presently, these orange cones have neon, reflective, or glow strips to make them visible indeed during pitch nights. Reflective strips come on with the bare cones to make them visible indeed during pitch night.

Disconnected from just the reflective strips, there are rotating lights on the top of the cones which also make it easy for motorists.

 The base of the traffic cones is flat which makes them stable to stand on the roads. The weight and the height are perfectly designed to make sure that they aren’t blown down due to reasons like air or vehicles.

The reason for this is the flexible polymer, polyvinyl chloride, plasticizer, etc. The cone sections of the traffic cones are generally concave.

Types of Road Safety Cones Used in Pakistan

 When it comes to managing the vehicle and bottom traffic around construction spots and events, many effects work better than a force of traffic safety cones. Still, as numerous soon notice, these pieces of traffic cones come in a series of appearances and not just any type of cone can be used for any need.

traffic safety cones

These are some of the different traffic cone colors and what they mean for motorists as well as road workers.

Orange Traffic Cones

 Orange traffic cones tell everyone near that safety hazards are present. It is for this reason; that they are most frequently associated with construction spots or any design that has to do with the use of heavy construction accessories and suits.

Though they mean there’s no immediate peril restraining a work zone, they do represent the eventuality of fleshly loss.

Unheroic Traffic Cones

 Unheroic traffic cones are placed in areas that present a slight threat but are not an immediate peril.

 They are meant to encourage individuals to do with caution and be apprehensive of their surroundings. Because of this, they are primarily used when live distance lines are being worked on, or to encourage motorists to yield for implied construction traffic.

Green Traffic Cones

 Green Traffic Cones are also important to mention when stirring the different traffic cone colors and what they mean. While their cooler color may not be a common one to see around construction spots, their brilliance works well to catch the motorist’s attention.

This makes them a great tool for service diligence as they can block off areas where distance work is passing. They also work well for marking the entrances of events and controlling any areas that see increased pedestrian exertion.

 Still, give us at Eastern Highways a call, If you need quality traffic cones for road construction zones. All our traffic safety cones are designed with this purpose in mind.

We make sure they are biddable with all OSHA regulations and are made to repel the hazards associated with any job point.

 In addition to standard orange cones with a black base, we also offer green cones and solid orange PVC cones to be used at events.

Small Traffic Safety Cones

Cones are used to laying out courses for autocross competitions. Cones are also constantly used in inner public spaces to mark off areas that are closed to pedestrians, similar to a bathroom being out of order, or to denote a dangerous condition, similar to a slippery bottom.

They can be used on academy playgrounds to limit areas of a playing field, and on ice, rinks to define class, private party, or private assignment areas.

Some of the cones used for this purpose are atomic, as small as 5 cm (2.0 in) in height, and some are disposable full-size cones made of biodegradable paper.

 Being distinctive, fluently movable, and generally left unguarded, traffic cones are frequently stolen.

Researchers are constantly criticized, to the extent that the British National Union of Students has tried to play down this” outdated conception” of colored cones. The orange and white cone is now joined by green, unheroic, and blue cones, lately introduced by the Eastern Highway in Pakistan.

Green and White Traffic Cones

 Green cones and white cones indicate access to a lane, unheroic and white cones mean no stopping, and blue and white cones denote an overhead structure.

But it’s the orange and white cones that have come to the focus of art installations, as countless images on the Eastern Highways website show.

 So, from their onsets as the countryside or concrete cones, now the bright cone will soon be on a motorway network near you, nearly that’s hopefully out of reach.

Plastic Message Cones

Plastic message cones are used to warn about hazards or to give necessary information or direction to road users. It is also used as a floor cone to help keep people in your facility safe from slips, falls, and accessing unsafe areas. These cones can also be filled with water or sand.

Plastic Message Cone


Knowing the names and uses of different traffic cones is very important. It will help you remember to drive with care through construction zones. If you know about some safety tips to remember when driving through work areas it will enable you to train yourselves and others with these strategies to save your time in a traffic jam. Eastern Highway has provided Traffic cones to some major companies like Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), National Highway Auth, and LDA.