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Traffic Signals and Blinkers

Traffic Signals and Blinkers 2024-What are they & Why Should we Follow them?

Do you know what are traffic signals and blinkers? Are you aware of what they mean?

You must remember seeing red, yellow, and green lights by the side of the road. A traffic signal, also known as a spotlight, are indicators that maintain vehicle traffic passing via the junction of two or more roads.

They give drivers a visual presentation of when to proceed when to slow, when to proceed with caution and when to stop. In some cases, traffic signals also suggest when they may make a turn to drivers.

Following the traffic signals and blinkers is important as these play a vital role in traffic flow and guiding road users. Let us dig deeper into what are signal lights and what are they used for.

Working on Traffic Signals and Blinkers

Traffic signals and blinkers are special signals that are designed to keep the traffic flow smooth and consistent for road users.

Traffic signals are frequently found at intersections or any place where there is heavy traffic. There are certain guidelines about how to follow traffic signals:

  • Red light at the traffic signal shows that you have to prepare to stop or you have to stop your vehicle to allow the other side of traffic to flow. Do not cross the signal at red.
  • A yellow light shows that your side of the traffic flow is about to start so gear up.
  • The green light means that you can continue your journey. Make sure the flow of traffic from the other side has stopped.

The time between red, green, and yellow lights varies according to the set speed limit, with longer times for higher limits. These basic traffic signal guidelines should directly come to your mind as soon you come across traffic signals or blinkers on the road.

If you will not follow these instructions, you will get a penalty or, worse, an accident. Also, pay special attention to pedestrian signals.

Traffic Signals and Blinkers

Role of Traffic Signals and Blinkers

Traffic signals and blinkers are a must for roads especially those with heavy traffic. Some of the most important functions performed by these special signals are:

  • Supports drivers with information about the road, facilities, driving lanes, etc.
  • Provides road discipline
  • They are easily understandable and can be followed
  • Includes information about crossroads, potholes, curves, etc.
  • Draws the entry and exit points
  • Announces the position of parking areas
  • Tells about keeping the desired speed limit while crossing any institutes to stop accidents
  • The smooth gush of traffic evades the overcrowding of vehicles
  • Save lives from the potential risk of accidents
  • Supply required information about the road ahead
  • Management of road violations
  • In the navigation of lanes

There are several other types of traffic signals and blinkers in Pakistan, such as:

  • Hand signal by traffic police
  • Pavement marking or road marking signs
  • Traffic light signals

Pedestrian Signal on Road

Pedestrian signals help pedestrians cross at junctions with traffic lights. It is denoted by a white walking symbol. If the signal starts flashing or becomes orange, that means that walkers should stop.

A pedestrian should cross the road in the direction of the signal while making sure that the vehicles have stopped already. If the signal turns while the walker is halfway, they should cross as soon as possible to the other side. Stopping midway is very dangerous.

Advantages of Traffic Signals

The advantages of traffic signals and blinkers are as follows:

  1. Turn signals and Blinkers help for the movement of traffic steadily without any crashes. 
  2. Traffic signals reduce the number of road accidents like pedestrian accidents and or any accident like one between left-turning drivers and vehicles coming from the left turn lane.
  3. Signals can increase the volume of traffic behavior at the joint.
  4. The traffic signals support the safe movement of slow-moving traffic by disturbing at heavy traffic consistent intervals.
  5. Travel signals use bright red, yellow, and green lights that are visible in foggy weather or at night. Without traffic signals, it is tough to control traffic by the traffic in charge at night or in bad weather
  6. Traffic control by signals is more precise and cost-effective than traffic police control.
  7. They provide non-stop traffic motion under auspicious conditions along a definite path.

Disadvantages of Traffic Signals and Blinkers

There are generally no disadvantages to the use of traffic signals and blinkers however, a few of the disadvantages of traffic signals and blinkers observed by the public are as follows:

  1. Traffic signals and blinkers somehow delay the traffic by stopping the vehicles at the intersection during peak hours.
  2.  In case of technical issues or loss of signals, the traffic flow becomes havoc and uncontrollable which might result in accidents.

Precautions to Follow at Traffic Signals and Blinkers

  • Give Way to Pedestrians

Zebra crossings are specially designed for walkers. Make sure you let them cross first.

  • Assure Wearing Seatbelt

 Make sure you have your seat belt on whether you are stopping by or driving.

  • Do not change lanes unnecessarily

 Avoid swerving to the left or right on road and drive in the direction where you want to go. Blocking someone else’s way on the road is not right.

  • Avoid Honking

Unnecessary honking is irritating and causes a lot of noise pollution. Avoid honking as much as possible. It is important to be patient while you are driving.

  • Always look before crossing

 Looking for vehicles passing by before you move is a good driving habit.

Special Traffic Lights and Gadgets Used on Roads

Eastern Highway provides various traffic lights with different categories, sizes, types, and standards for urban light signaling applications in Junctions, toll stations, parking entrances, road sections, etc.

 All signal lights are equipped with high intensity LED light source, broad Input voltage power supply, highly durable and UV-resistant polycarbonate housing, and mounting brackets. They comply with CE, RoHS, EN 12368, and ISO9001. Some of the names are:

  • Vehicle Light
  • Toll Station Light
  • Countdown Timer
  • Warning Signals
  • Housing Design

Traffic Vehicle Light

Traffic lights or Traffic vehicle lights (Traffic Signals) are lights used to control the movement of traffic. They are placed at road intersections and crossings. The different colors of light tells drivers what to do.

traffic signals and blinkers

Toll Station Light

The Toll station light/ Transaction Signal Light is installed in Toll lanes where it is easily visible to the motorists. It consists of LED-based Signal aspect Red and Green color. Overhead Lane Control Signal light is mounted to the edge of the toll station canopy above the center line of each toll lane facing the direction of the traffic.

traffic signals and blinkers

Countdown Timer

Advantages of Countdown Timer: Reduce driver’s tension, worry, and mental fatigue, Driver relaxed and ready to take off on time hence less chance of accidents.

traffic signals and blinkers
Advantages of Countdown Timer:
  1. Reduce driver’s tension, worry, and mental fatigue.
  2. The driver is relaxed and ready to take off on time hence less chance of accidents.
  3. Since the engine is switched on at the right time so there is fuel saving.
  4. Smooth flow of traffic.
  5. Proper traffic regulation.

Traffic Warning Signals

Traffic Warning Signals /lights convey the motorists to slow down and proceed with caution.

traffic signals and blinkers

Traffic Signal Controller

Road Traffic Signal Controllers provide safe and smooth road traffic by conducting road traffic control in accordance with the time of day and the road traffic conditions and also perform advanced road traffic control to eliminate road traffic congestion. Suitable also for crosswalks with multi-information displays, they are replete with many additional functions.

traffic signals and blinkers


Eastern Highway is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of Traffic signals and Blinkers. We acknowledge the importance of traffic signals and blinkers and how they should be installed at every intersection so that the traffic flow is not disturbed and accidents can be minimized.

It is important that the public understands the meaning of these signals and follows them.