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Chlorinated Rubber Based (CR) Road Marking

For national road marking services that are accurate, responsive and carried out to top industry standards, look no further than Eastern Highway Company. Road markings require a precise service which requires an experienced team of specialists to ensure it is completed accurately. Here at Eastern Highway Company, we can survey and assess each site before beginning a project in order to create a plan and tailor solutions to your needs. Eastern Highway Company maintains a fleet of self-propelled and hand-pushed machines equipped with high-pressure spray systems and airless spray systems for undertaking mega projects of Motorways and National Highways in a given time with a strict quality assurance system. If you are looking for road markings anywhere across the world from a leading contractor then you need us! With over 22 years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as one of the leading road marking contractors, covering most of the highways, motorways, and housing societies in Pakistan.

Brand: Roadex

Eastern Highway Company are experts in road marking services, so whether you need to refresh some old, fading road lines, or are looking to create a new design, our teams are the best choice. We employ experienced road marking operatives, and they use specialist equipment to ensure all the lines and markings are perfectly applied.

We are maintaining a fleet of self-propelled and hand pushed machines equipped with high pressure spray system and airless spray system for undertaking mega projects of Motorways and National Highways in given time with strict quality assurance system.

We aim to make the project as stress-free for customers as possible, which is why we have 24-hour availability. This means we can complete road marking projects outside of work hours to ensure we don’t interrupt roads at peak times of day.


The machine has the capacity of 80 liters of paint which can apply lines in width of 10-50 cm with the coverage capacity of 2.5 sqm/ltr.

Colors White, Yellow, Red, Blue



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