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Raised Profile Marking

Also known as Thermoplastic Convex (Vibration) Marking. Eastern Highway Company is the Pioneer in introducing Thermoplastic Convex Marking in Pakistan. It is a type of road marking that generates a noise and vibration when a vehicle’s tire rolls over it. It consists of a painted line (white or yellow) with raised markings.

Brand: Roadex


The product is formulated with special material to form raised blocks/ribs after application. These raised ribs/blocks formation provides the safety feature by producing an audio-tactile warning to driver swaying out of their lane along with excellent reflection properties at night in wet conditions. Uses of these lines can be across the travel direction to warn of hazards ahead or along the travel direction to warn of hazards not staying within a specific lane. They are useful to alert sleepy drivers who might have fallen asleep at the wheel, or drivers who are distracted and drifting within the lane.


The Paint Conforms to International Quality Standards; British Standard (BS 3262) and American Standard (AASHTO 249).

Colors White, Yellow



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