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Thermoplastic Road Marking

Eastern Highway Company has the largest fleet of Latest Road Marking Machines and Equipment to ensure International Quality Standards and to efficiently meet every client’s requirement. The paint application involves lines in width of 10-50 cm with an average film thickness of 1.5 mm.

Brand: Roadex

Road marking has been recognized as the most important contribution to road safety. Normal paint sprayed on roads especially in extreme temperature fades away quickly however Roadex TP meets the requirements of traffic engineers. This not only offers excellent night visibility but also enforces traffic disciplines and provides necessary information to road users. Roadex Thermoplastic (TP) is a high quality road marking material. The product provides excellent adhesion and its thicker film gives long life.


The paint conforms to International Quality Standards; British Standard (BS 3262) or American Standard (AASHTO 249). 

Line Width 10-50 cm
Line Thickness 1-4 mm
Colors White, Yellow, Black, Red, Ocean Green, Dark Green, Royal Blue, Light Blue



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